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Duchess Swan

Duchess Swan is a stubborn and cunning girl who is an opportunist and is willing to use bullying and dishonesty to get what she wants most: the promise of a Happily Ever After. She is jealous of princesses, Apple White and Ashlynn Ella most of all, who are destined for success and happiness, especially if they tend to take it for granted. Duchess looks down at Raven Queen, because she believes that Raven's story is just as bad as hers.

Apple White

Duchess bored

Duchess rolls her eyes heavily in disgust.

Duchess has an extreme hate and envy for apple. There are several things; Apple is to be the ruler and is the fairest of them all. She has Daring Charming for a future husband. (Duchess' hate first blossomed when Daring asked Apple to the dance) Apple is the most popular girl in school. Apple is the student council president. All of these things add up to Duchess' hate for her. She envies other princesses who have a Happily Ever After as well, including Ashlynn. Apple appears to be oblivious to Duchess' hate throughout the series. However in the diaries, Apple doesn't make a big deal of it. Instead, she just calls Duchess "a thorn in her side". The two are in a one-sided rivalry relationship.

Duchess has been a thorn in my side ever since Prince Daring Charming asked me to last year's Enchantment in the Forest dance instead of her..
―Apple describing Duchess

Ashlynn Ella

Duchess enraged

Duchess enraged at Hunter and Ashlynn.

Duchess, envious of Ashlynn especially, despises Hunter and Ashlynn's relationship and its happy turnout. Despite splitting them up by making fun of Ashlynn and pressuring them constantly, Apple also had a contribution in the split up. Duchess is also jealous of Ashlynn because she easily befriends with both Royals and Rebels.

What? No! You're totally doing the right thing: follow your heart and all that sappy stuff.
―Duchess' plan failing.

Briar Beauty

Duchess vs Briar

Duchess schemes against Briar.

Briar views Duchess as a rival (and vice-versa), due to her behavior towards her BFFA, Duchess, as she believes that Duchess is just jealous of Apple. However, to possibly get back at Briar, Duchess stated to Sparrow that she would have Briar's story instead of hers, however Briar's story contains a hundred year sleep, which she still isn't keen on.

Briar is planning it! And if I can get her in trouble with Headmaster Grimm, then, there'll be a new opening in the royal ranks!
―Duchess to Sparrow.

Cedar Wood

Confused Cedar

Duchess hatches an idea to follow Cedar.

With Cedar's honest personality, Duchess took advantage and decided to follow Cedar to (a decoy location) the True Hearts Day dance. Not knowing that Cupid gave her the wrong spot, Cedar had something "royally important" to do that night, which was leading Duchess to the Merry Men (Sparrow Hood's band), tiring the Headmaster from walking far away from the school and into the Enchanted Forest at night. Soon enough, Cedar returned to the dorms, with her unsuccessful stroll to the dance. Cupid left a note in her dorm, stating that where the party was. Cedar managed to make it to the last seconds of the party, concluding "True Hearts Day Part 3".

C.A. Cupid

Duchess and Cupid share an indirect rivalry. As in the "True Hearts Day" episodes, Duchess and Cupid's roles stood out the most. However, Duchess has not mentioned or directed any hate towards Cupid head-on, as she believes that Briar was the one who originally planned the True Hearts Day dance. Later, when she reports to the Headmaster, she merely says "some students are planning it". Cupid was the one who likely told Briar (or another student) to exclude Duchess and Sparrow out of the party.

Daring Charming

Daring has always been the eye and super crush of Duchess. Despite not being asked out to a dance by him, Duchess is still seeking for revenge. It is unknown whether if she likes him for his looks or his throne. In the series, she has not made any jealousy gesture towards Daring yet.

Lizzie Hearts

Duchess and Lizzie are two roommates in Ever After High. Although the two have very different personalities and destinies, Lizzie has a Happily Ever After at the end of her story. Instead of trying to steal her Happily Ever After, Duchess attends the same classes Lizzie does and Duchess frequently tries to ace the class and be the top. Other than that, the extent of their relationship is currently unknown.

Sparrow Hood

Sparrow and Duchess

Duchess requests help from Sparrow.

Sparrow and Duchess are partners-in-crime, as he is seen assisting Duchess pull a prank or scheme. It is possible that he might have a crush on her. Sparrow soon left Duchess with her scheming, revealed in "True Hearts Day Part 3".

Blondie Lockes

Duchess and Blondie

Duchess negatively tells Blondie of the fate of Ashlynn and Hunter.

Blondie and Duchess share a neutral pairing together. Although Duchess wanted to report Ashlynn and Hunter to Blondie, Blondie soon declined that offer. As the nifty reporter, Duchess threatened Blondie, but they were both soon interrupted by the Ashlynn and Hunter confrontation. Blondie can be seen gladly interviewing Duchess in "Poppy The Roybel".

I don't know, Duchess; it is a bombspell but - Ash and Hunter are my friends!
If you won't report on it, someone else will.
―Duchess and Blondie's conversation.

Holly O'Hair

Since Holly knows everyone's fairytale, she wasn't intending to offend Duchess in any way. However, Duchess discriminated Holly and Poppy, thus made Poppy quit the school for a brief amount of time. As a new student, Duchess tends to call Holly "dear", but she doesn't mean it.

Holly, dear, since when is your destiny to say every annoying thing that pops into your head?
―Duchess offended by Holly's previous statement.

Poppy O'Hair

Without a destiny, Holly urged the Headmaster to let her in the school and write her own, however Duchess thinks otherwise. As Poppy has the freedom to write her own Happily Ever After, Duchess would easily envy that. Poppy finds Duchess cold and close-minded, thus left Ever After High. A week later, Poppy returned.

Check your mirror, Poppy. You don't belong at Ever After High!
―Duchess mocking Poppy.

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