Change In The Weather
Crystal on a throne - EW, p3
Released September 2016
Chapter Epic Winter
Episode 10
Running Time 01:09
Previous Epic Winter:Travel In Style
Next Moonlight Mystery

Change In The Weather is the tenth and possibly last webisode from the Epic Winter webisode selection.


After a very cold spell, Crystal Winter warms it up.


Crystal Winter: Yours is not the typical, everyday fairytale like they tell. Write your story, fill the page, feel your power as you take the stage. You're so alive under the sparkling skies, Epic winter has arrived. Tell your tale, make it good, do the things you thought you never could. It's your turn, it's your time for all your dreams to come alive. It's your turn, it's your time, don't wait to come alive. Find your power, be a queen. Take the lead in your story. Just live your dream, live your dream. Oh oh oh oh.



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