Power Couple Power Off
EW PowerCouplePowerOff AppleDaring
Released 22nd July 2016
Chapter Epic Winter
Episode 3
Running Time 00:47
Previous Epic Winter
Next Epic Winter:The Prince Of Apple's Destiny

The Power Couple Power Off is the thrid webisode from the Epic Winter webisode selection.


Blondie Lockes interviews Apple White and Daring Charming about their relationship fail.


Blondie Lockes: Blondie Lockes's here with another relationship rumour cast. Oh! The whole school know that Daring Charming's kiss was a total fairy fail when he couldn't wake Apple from enchanted sleep, AKA he's not her destined prince. Awkward! Is this power couple about to power off? Apple, Daring, care a comment?

Daring Charming: Not really...

Apple White: Ahh... No...

Blondie Lockes: And there you have it. Tune in next time for more hexciting news.



Power Couple Power Off Epic Winter Ever After High

Power Couple Power Off Epic Winter Ever After High