The Mirror is Safe
TMIS - Daring searches snow
Released 12th August 2016
Chapter Epic Winter
Episode 6
Running Time 00:51
Previous Epic Winter:The Snow King Arrives
Next Epic Winter:I'm a Snow Worm

The The Mirror Is Safe is the sixth webisode from the Epic Winter webisode selection.


Prince Daring Charming is supposed to be a hero, but he still doesn't get it.


Delivery Goose: Incoming! *honks* Make way!

Daring Charming: Disaster! What do I do? Ah, of course! Daring Charming to the rescue!

Delivery Goose: *honks*

Rosabella Beauty: *gasp* My hero...nah.

Daring Charming: The mirror is safe. Everyone can relax.

Rosabella Beauty: Hmp. Are you alright?

Delivery Goose: *honk*

Rosabella Beauty: Daring, you're supposed to be a hero. Helping! Not just looking down your nose at...uh um, the little guys.

Daring Charming: *Sigh*



The Mirror Is Safe Epic Winter Ever After High00:51

The Mirror Is Safe Epic Winter Ever After High

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