Epic Winter:The Snow King Arrives
Epic Winter The Snow King Arrives - Baba Yaga and Snow King
Released 4th August 2016
Chapter Epic Winter
Episode 5
Running Time 0:54
Previous Epic Winter:The Prince Of Apple's Destiny
Next Epic Winter:The Mirror Is Safe

Epic Winter:The Snow King Arrives is the fifth webisode from the Epic Winter webisode selection


The Snow King visits Ever After High for the Career Day Spellabration. He's not very nice.


Briar: Welcome, your Majesty, to our career day spellabration!

Ashlynn: So nice to see you again, your highness.

Snow King: Oh, I get it. You filled the school with snow, to show me that you think you can do my job better then I can!

Briar: Uh, no! We just thought it would make you... feel at home!

Baba Yaga: Tell me, have you recently angered or incurred the rath of some kind of a, say troll or dark sorcerer?

Snow King: Madam! What are you -

Baba Yaga: Say ahh!

Snow King: Take those bony calloused hands off of me, you witch!

Briar Beauty: Um, royally rude.

Ashlynn Ella: Crystal's right. That's not the Snow King I know.

Baba Yaga: He better be cursed, or he will be when I'm done with him! Let's get to work.



The Snow King Arrives Epic Winter Ever After High01:06

The Snow King Arrives Epic Winter Ever After High

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