Snow Day
Epic Winter Trailer - evil parents
Released 5th August 2016
Chapter Epic Winter
Episode 2
Part 1
Running Time 25min
Next Epic Winter Part 2:A Wicked Winter

Snow Day is the first part of the Epic Winter Special. It is part of the Epic Winter Chapter.

The episode is not available for public viewing online, it is only available on Netflix.


After an evil spell makes The Snow King unleash a freezing fury in his court, daughter Crystal Winter seeks help from her friends at Ever After High.


Female Narrator: Once upon a time in the land of fairytales...

Male Narrator: ...Brrr! An icy, freezing adventure was about to begin...

Female Narrator:....A chilling quest in which our heroes must face the bitter cold of an unrelenting winter...

Male Narrator: ...Brave the icy blasts of treacherous snow storms.

Brooke Page: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Mom, Dad, I think your confused. Here at Ever After High it’s summer, look!

Male Narrator: That’s right Brooke, down there. But up here at the top of the world... it’s always winter.

Female Narrator: Behold the ice castle of the royal winter family...

Male Narrator: ...who control and protect all things frosty and cold.

Brooke Page: I think you better back up a few pages. This I gotta see.

Female Narrator: The Snow Queen.

Male Narrator: The Snow King.

Crystal Winter: Ewww! Save the snuggling for the fireside. Let’s play some indoor ice hockey.

Snow King: I’m up for that! My Queen? Will you referee?

Snow Queen: Blows whistle.

Snow King: Hahahahaha!

Snow Queen: Crystal, if you’re going to rule one day, it’s high time you lace your own skates.

Crystal Winter: But we have pixies for that!

Pixies: Giggling.

Crystal Winter: Come on Mom, it’s game time.

Crowd: Cheering and clapping.

Snow Queen: Blows whistle.

Crowd: Cheering and clapping.

Snow King: Haha!

Crowd: Cheering and clapping. Yeah!

Brooke Page: Those snowy siblings Jackie Frost and Northwind seemed icy in a different way.

Jackie Frost: Look at all these overgrown royal penguins. Northwind, hand me our secret weapon.

Northward: *Muffled* What's the next move Jackie? Ugh!

Jackie Frost: All that power, and what do they do with it? Have fuuun! Bleh! They deserve to have it stolen.

Northwind: Careful Jackie! That's pure evil!

Jackie Frost: No duh! How are we supposed to take over? By asking nicely? Sheesh! How many times do I have to explain the plan to you?

Northwind: One more! 

Jackie Frost: We turn the sweet Snow King sour, then he'll start the most wicked winter ever after. Crystal isn't ready to rule, she won't be able to take the heat! So once she's out of the picture we save the day from the crazy King and before you know it, rule of the season will belong to me! *Cackles* Us! Mmmhm, whatever after.

Crowd: Cheering and clapping.

Snow King: Haha!

Crowd: Cheering and clapping. *Buzzer sounds*

Crowd Pixie: Whoo!

Snow King: Well payed kiddo.

Snow Queen: She can't just magic her way out of everything dear.

Snow King: Why not? *Blows a magic kiss* It works for me!

Crystal Winter: Mom! Dad! Cut out the slushy stuff!

Snow King: Hahahahah!

Crystal Winter: *giggles*

Snow King: Your mother is right you know, life can't all be fun and games. One day, you will rule winter.

Crystal Winter: But I am ready to rule. I've read every magical meteorlogical manifesto and studied every fableous fairy tale ever after!

Snow Queen: Crystal, there's a difference between understanding and doing. Soon my dear you will blossom like this enchanted winter rose.

Snow King: And become the next Snow Queen.

Male Narrator: Oh, it looked as though all was well in the world of fairytales.

Snow King: Hahahaha!

Female Narrator: But looks can be deceiving....

Male Narator: Evil was in the air. Literally....

Brooke Page: Last chapter, Ever After faced the greatest villain ever, the Evil Queen from Snow White's tale! When her mirror prison shattered, the glass fragments created a powerfully evil dust.

Evil Queen: *Evil cackle*

Brooke Page: The Snow King's shape-shifting servants stole that potent source of evil. And that cannot be good!

Crystal Winter: Thank you for this promise rose Mom and Dad. I won't let you...down?

Snow Queen under spell: You've already let me down with this ingratitude.

Snow King under spell: You're acting like a spoiled brat!

Crystal Winter: What are you saying?

Crystal Winter in the King's eyes: You are old and frostbitten, and I could rule winter better with my eyes closed!

Snow Queen: She gets this lack of respect from you! She acts too silly to rule!

Crystal Winter: Mom! Dad! Stop!

Snow King: Silly huh? Well, then you must think that I am nothing more than a snow goose! I should freeze-tag you right now, so you'll cool down!

Snow Queen: Oh, ho, ho. I'd like to see you try, snowman!

Crystal Winter: *Shocked gasp*

Snow King: Who else wants to play freeze-tag?

Frost Elf: Your Highness....uh, uh, uh!

Frost Elf in Snow King's eyes: *mockingly* Look at me I'm the Snow King. This is what I sound like...*blows raspberry*

Snow King: You should learn to be more sheepish. Hahahahahah!

Crystal Winter: Dad, unfreeze Mom right now.

Snow King: I would, but she's giving me the cold shoulder! *Chuckles!*

Crytstal Winter: If this is a game, it's not fun anymore! What's gotten into you?

Snow King: Playtime is over Princess! Your mother was right about one thing, you're too childish to rule.

Crystal Winter: *Crying* Who wants to rule winter anyway? I don't, not if it means turning cold-hearted one day like my parents! What's wrong with wanting to have some fun? Maybe I don't belong here anymore. I know where they'll be warm to me, in a land not so far, far away.

Male Narrator: Feeling very alone, Crystal left the top of the world, much to Jackie and Northwind's delight.

Female Narrator: She headed off to visit Ever After High.

Milton Grimm: I am fairy, fairy disappointed in you Faybelle. Your involvement with the Evil Queen's takeover has left this school in a vile mess.

Faybelle Thorn: *Laughs* Oh, come on, it's not that bad!

Milton Grimm: Don't Get me wrong, I'm delighted you're following your eeevil destiny, but you must be punished. So, I am charging you with cleaning duties until our school is restored to its former pristine glory.

Faybelle Thorn: *Gasps* Clean up the whole school by myself? That'll take forever after.

Milton Grimm: Then I suggest you get started!




Part one of the movie is available on Netflix only but here is the premiere of the movie.

Epic Winter Exclusive 10 Minute Premiere! Watch on Netflix Aug 5th Ever After High10:20

Epic Winter Exclusive 10 Minute Premiere! Watch on Netflix Aug 5th Ever After High

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