Snow Day
Epic Winter Trailer - evil parents
Released 5th August 2016
Chapter Epic Winter
Episode 2
Part 1
Running Time 25min
Next Epic Winter Part 2:A Wicked Winter

Snow Day is the first part of the Epic Winter Special. It is part of the Epic Winter Chapter.

The episode is not available for public viewing online, it is only available on Netflix.


After an evil spell makes The Snow King unleash a freezing fury in his court, daughter Crystal Winter seeks help from her friends at Ever After High.


Female Narrator: Once upon a time in the land of fairy tales...

Male Narrator: ...Brrr! An icy, freezing adventure was about to begin...

Female Narrator: ...A chilling quest in which our heroes must face the bitter cold of an unrelenting winter...

Male Narrator: ...Brave the icy blasts of treacherous snow storms.

Brooke Page: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Mom, Dad, I think your confused. Here at Ever After High it’s summer, look!

Male Narrator: Well, that’s right Brooke, down there. But up here at the top of the world... it’s always winter.

Female Narrator: Behold the ice castle of the royal winter family...

Male Narrator: ...who control and protect all things frosty and cold!

Brooke Page: I think you better back up a few pages. This I gotta see.

Female Narrator: The Snow Queen.

Male Narrator: The Snow King.

Crystal Winter: Ewww! Save the snuggling for the fireside. Let’s play some indoor ice hockey.

Snow King: I’m up for that! My Queen? Will you referee?

Snow Queen: Blows whistle.

Snow King: Hahahahaha!

Snow Queen: Crystal, if you’re going to rule one day, it’s high time you lace your own skates.

Crystal Winter: But we have pixies for that!

Pixies: Giggling.

Crystal Winter: Come on Mom, it’s game time.

Crowd: Cheering and clapping.

Snow Queen: Blows whistle.

Crowd: *cheering and clapping*

Snow King: Haha!

Crowd: *cheering and clapping* Yeah!

Brooke Page: Those snowy siblings Jackie Frost and Northwind seemed icy in a different way.

Jackie Frost: Look at all these overgrown royal penguins. Northwind, hand me our secret weapon.

Northward: *Muffled* What's the next move Jackie? Ugh!

Jackie Frost: All that power, and what do they do with it? Have fuuun! Bleh! They deserve to have it stolen.

Northwind: Careful Jackie! That's pure evil!

Jackie Frost: No duh! How are we supposed to take over? By asking nicely? Sheesh! How many times do I have to explain the plan to you?

Northwind: One more! 

Jackie Frost: We turn the sweet Snow King sour, then he'll start the most wicked winter ever after. Crystal isn't ready to rule, she won't be able to take the heat! So once she's out of the picture we save the day from the crazy King and before you know it, rule of the season will belong to me! *Cackles* Us! Mmmhm, whatever after.

Crowd: *cheering and clapping*

Snow King: Haha!

Crowd: *cheering and clapping* *Buzzer sounds*

Crowd Pixie: Whoo!

Snow King: Well payed kiddo.

Snow Queen: She can't just magic her way out of everything dear.

Snow King: Why not? *Blows a magic kiss* It works for me!

Crystal Winter: Mom! Dad! Cut out the slushy stuff!

Snow King: Hahahahah!

Crystal Winter: *giggles*

Snow King: Your mother is right you know, life can't all be fun and games. One day, you will rule winter.

Crystal Winter: But I am ready to rule. I've read every magical meteorlogical manifesto and studied every fableous fairy tale ever after!

Snow Queen: Crystal, there's a difference between understanding and doing. Soon my dear you will blossom like this enchanted winter rose.

Snow King: And become the next Snow Queen.

Male Narrator: Oh, it looked as though all was well in the world of fairy tales.

Snow King: Hahahaha!

Female Narrator: But looks can be deceiving...

Male Narator: Evil was in the air. Literally...

Brooke Page: Last chapter, Ever After faced the greatest villain ever, the Evil Queen from Snow White's tale! When her mirror prison shattered, the glass fragments created a powerfully evil dust.

Evil Queen: *evil cackle*

Brooke Page: The Snow King's shape-shifting servants Jackie Frost and Northwind stole that potent source of evil. And that cannot be good!

Crystal Winter: Thank you for this promise rose Mom and Dad. I won't let you...down?

Snow Queen under spell: You've already let me down with this ingratitude.

Snow King under spell: You're acting like a spoiled brat!

Crystal Winter: What are you saying?

Crystal Winter in the King's eyes: You are old and frostbitten, and I could rule winter better with my eyes closed!

Snow Queen: She gets this lack of respect from you! She acts too silly to rule!

Crystal Winter: Mom! Dad! Stop!

Snow King: Silly huh? Well, then you must think that I am nothing more than a snow goose! I should freeze-tag you right now, so you'll cool down!

Snow Queen: Oh, ho, ho. I'd like to see you try, snowman!

Crystal Winter: *shocked gasp*

Snow King: Who else wants to play freeze-tag?

Frost Elf: Your Highness....uh, uh, uh!

Frost Elf in Snow King's eyes: *mockingly* Look at me I'm the Snow King. This is what I sound like...*blows raspberry*

Snow King: You should learn to be more sheepish. Hahahahahah!

Crystal Winter: Dad, unfreeze Mom right now.

Snow King: I would, but she's giving me the cold shoulder! *Chuckles!*

Crytstal Winter: If this is a game, it's not fun anymore! What's gotten into you?

Snow King: Playtime is over Princess! Your mother was right about one thing, you're too childish to rule.

Crystal Winter: *crying* Who wants to rule winter anyway? I don't, not if it means turning cold-hearted one day like my parents! What's wrong with wanting to have some fun? Maybe I don't belong here anymore. I know where they'll be warm to me, in a land not so far, far away.

Male Narrator: Feeling very alone, Crystal left the top of the world, much to Jackie and Northwind's delight.

Female Narrator: She headed off to visit Ever After High.

Milton Grimm: I am fairy, fairy disappointed in you Faybelle. Your involvement with the Evil Queen's takeover has left this school in a vile mess.

Faybelle Thorn: *laughs* Oh, come on, it's not that bad!

Milton Grimm: Don't Get me wrong, I'm delighted you're following your eeevil destiny, but you must be punished. So, I am charging you with cleaning duties until our school is restored to its former pristine glory.

Faybelle Thorn: *gasps* Clean up the whole school by myself? That'll take forever after.

Milton Grimm: Then I suggest you get started!

Students: *chattering*

Blondie Lockes: Blondie Lockes here with another relationship rumour-cast! Oh, the whole school knows that Daring Charming's kiss was a total fairy fail when he couldn't wake Apple from enchanted sleep, A.K.A, he's not her destined prince. Awkward! Is this power couple about to power-off? Apple? Daring? Care to comment?

Daring Charming: Nnnn-not really.

Apple White: Uhh... no. *chuckling*

Blondie Lockes: And, there you have it! Tune in next time for more hexiting news.

Ashlynn Ella: Briar have you noticed Blondie's reporting lately has been...

Briar Beauty: Not "just right". Definitely. *cold wind blows* Did you feel that? Brrr.

Ashlynn Ella: *shivering* It just got freezing in here. Brrr! Wait a spell, is that... snow?

Briar Beauty: Impossible. It's summer.

Sparrow Hood: *singing* Snow Yeah!

Briar Beauty: Unless...

Ashlynn Ella: She's here! *girls giggling*

Ashlynn Ella and Briar Beauty: Crystal! *giggling*

Crystal Winter: I thought I was gonna melt in this heat. Ever After High realy needs an air conditioner.

Ashlynn Ella: She must be around here somewhere.

Crystal Winter: *gasps* Ashlynn! Briar!

Ashlynn Ella, Briar Beauty, Crystal Winter: *giggling*

Ashlynn Ella: Oh! It's been too long! Crystal, it's so fableous to see you!

Girl Students: Oh, yippy!

Crystal Winter: Hello everyone. Snow nice to be back!

Briar Beauty: We're fairy glad to see you but what are you doing here?

Crystal Winter: Do I need an excuse to visit my best friends forever after?

Briar Beauty: Well, of course not Crystal.

Ashlynn Ella, Briar Beauty, Crystal Winter: *giggling*

Crystal Winter: Now how about we sparkle-ise these old dusty halls.

Duchess Swan: Come on, come on...

Lizzie Hearts: Say it! You can do it...

Milton Grimm: Ugh! Oh! All right, fine! Attention students. Classes are dismissed for Ever After High's first ever... summer snow day.

Students: *Cheering* Yay! Whoo!

Milton Grimm: Oh!

Billy Goats Gruff: *Bleating*

Students: *playful laughter*

Melopy Piper: No need to bundle up cause DJ Melody's got hot tunes to keep you nice and warm! *Dance Music*

Students: *playful laughter*

Hunter Huntsman: *chopping wood* Consider yourself challenged to a shred-off

Sparrow Hood: *singing* Oww! You're on!

Kitty Cheshire: Meow.

Raven Queen: *Gasps* Haha! Nice try snow-cat!

Kitty Cheshire: Oh!

Madeleine Hatter: *giggling*

Students: Yeah! Justine! Woo! Go Justine! Whoa!

Duchess Swan: Whoa, whoa, hold the mirrorphone Justine. I'm the best ice dancer round here.

Justine Dancer: Do your thing, Duchess. I haven't met a dance yet I coudn't master.

Briar Beauty: After the year we've had... Phew! A little winter break is snow awesome.

Ashlynn Ella: But tell us why you really came.

Crystal Winter: It's my parents. They haven't been themselves lately. Especially my Dad, he's been so cold.

Briar Beauty: Uh...isn't that kinda his thing?

Crystal Winter: No, I mean... it's like he's twisting everything to see only bad. And let's just say my Mom is a total Ice Queen all of a sudden. Life is snow unfair. I feel like I've been cursed.

Ashlynn Ella: Well, maybe it is a curse.

Briar Beauty: It happens.

Crystal Winter: You think I'm really cursed?

Ashlynn Ella and Briar Beauty: Your parents.

Hunter Huntsman: Whoo hoo! Check it out Crystal!

Sparrow Hood: Half class is hextreme!

Ashlynn Ella: As I was saying... Nobody knows more about evil curses than Baba Yaga. I bet she can help.

Cyrstal Winter: I knew my old BFFAs would make me feel better. Let's go see her!

Students: *chattering*

Blondie Lockes: *inhales deeply* Hello everyone! Time for a weird weather report... Ever After High is like one big snow globe, but why? What's the snowy scoop? Is the Evil Queen on the loose? Is it snow global warming? We may never know!

Duchess Swan: Sure we will, we already do! It's because Crystal Winter is visiting.

Blondie Lockes: *titters* Ever hear of suspense? Breaking news. The cause of this summer snow is due to the arrival of Crystal Winter! Is she the diva that the tabloids says she is?

Crystal Winter: Hi Blondie! I love your show!

Blondie Lockes: *ha* But is everyone thrilled with the chills Crystal caused? Let's see.

Duchess Swan: Crystal is cool!

Jillian Beanstalk: Wicked cool!

Hunter Huntsman: I'm a big fan!

Sparrow Hood: *sings* She's the bees knees!

Blondie Lockes: Okay, cut! This isn't news, it's fluff! Blondie Lockes signing off!

Cerise Hood: This just in: Blondie Lockes needs to chill out!

Cerise Hood: Everything just right, Blondie?

Blondie Lockes: Spellebrity gossip and weather reports are so last chapter. I need a real news story. Something dangerous and hexiting. The kind of story that win reporters the Princess and the Peabody award!

Rosabella Beauty: Daring Charming with a big frown on his face? *sighs* What's going on?

Daring Charming: I'm just so confused about what I'm suppoosed to do now that... *sniffs*... that I know I'm not Apple's Prince Charming.

Rosabella Beauty: Have you ever considered that you're not the prince of Apple's destiny because you haven't earned it yet?

Daring Charming: Wah ha ha! Earn it?

Rosabella Beauty: Snow White's Prince Charming was bold, heroic and... selfless. Maybe it would help if you thought about helping somebody. You know, that wasn't... you?

Daring Charming: Oh, I'm sorry, I got distracted. What were you talking about? Something about me, right?

Ashlynn Ella: Madam Baba Yaga. You know a lot about curses, right?

Madam Baba Yaga: What? Why? Who said anything about a curse. No curses here. You can't prove anything. Who sent you?

Briar Beauty: No, no, no. Crystal's dad, the Snow King. We think he might be cursed.

Crystal Winter: Madam Yaga, can you help? Please?

Madam Baba Yaga: No promises, child. It depends on the kind of curse. Bring your father to me and we'll see what I can do. Hot cocoa? Yummy! Made with fresh pig's breath!

Crystal Winter: So now we just have to figure out how to get my mom and dad to come to Ever After High.

Briar Beauty: I've got an idea.

Snow King: Where is my snow-flaky daughter?

Serf: I believe she went to visit her old friends. She sent you this invitation: "You are cordially invited to attend the Ever After HIgh Royal Career Day."

Serf in now King's Eyes: Your job is so easy a dim-witted toad could do it as well as you.

Snow King: What did you just say to me? *performs magic spell*

Serf: Oh.*squawks*

Snow King: I'll teach them to mock my royal position. Make ready my sleigh, I'm going to Ever After High.

Jacky Frost: Ah! But we'll do it your, uh, winterness.

Northwind: I thought you didn't wanna take orders anymore.

Jacky Frost: Keep it down, slush brain. The King has clearly flipped his crown just as we planned. But if he's going to where Crystal is we'll follow him and watch him "close the chapter" on her story.

Northwind: Oh, I get it. It'll be "the end" for Cyrstal Winter! Ugh!

Crowd: *low chatter*

Evil Queen: Boo!

Three Billy Goats Gruff: *screams*

Crystal Winter: Thanks for making career Day happen, everyone. This is a great trap.

Madam Baba Yaga: I'm always happy to arrange school functions... for the purpose of deception. *cackles*

Ashlynn Ella: So many parents came to talk, your dad will never suspect we're trying to pull the crown over his eyes.

Briar Beauty: Are you sure he'll fall for it?

Crystal Winter: He'll be here. He may be wicked cold, but he is full of hot air.

Ashlynn Ella: Don't worry Crystal, we'll get to the bottom of this curse.

Snow King: *loud cackling* *bells jingle* Yah! *bells jingle* You there, boy. Come here. My bears need to be watered, fed and stabled.

Prince Charming: *sigh* That's not really my job.

Snow King: Boy, I said come here.

Prince Charming: Can't you see I'm busy? I'm trying to cheer myself up with a snow me.

Snow King: I'll give you one more chance boy. Or do I have to spell it out for you?

Prince Charming: There we... go. Oh you're still here?

Snow King: You beastly young man. You will regret this, forever after! *magical wooshing*

Prince Charming: Oh, ooh! Wait a minute something doesn't feel right. That's better. *scratching* *magical woosh*

Briar Beauty: Welcome, Your Majesty, to our Career Day spellebration!

Snow King: Oh, I get it. You filled the school with snow to show me that you think you can do my job better than I can.

Briar Beauty:, we just thought that it would make you feel at home?

Madam Baba Yaga: Tell me, have you recently angered or incurred the wrath of some kind of a ...say, troll or dark sorcerer?

Snow King: Madam, what are you-

Madam Baba Yaga: Say, "Ahhhh!"

Snow King: Take those boney calloused hands off of me you witch! (magical whoosh)

Madam Baba Yaga: Oh!

Briar Beauty: Um, royally rude.

Ashlynn Ella: Crystals right. That's not the Snow King I know.

Madam Baba Yaga: He better be cursed, or he will be when i'm done with him! *Huffs* Let's get back to work.

Polar Bears: *roars*

Jackie Frost: Northwind! Hurry up and transform.

Northwind: *chuckles* "Bear" with me Jackie!

Jackie Frost: *groans* You say that joke everytime you take bear form.

Northwind: Yeah, I know. It's that funny! (magical woosh) Ow! Okay okay. So, what's next?

Jackie Frost: What's next is we make sure the Snow King freezes out Crystal, his only heiress to the throne.

Cheshire Cat: Then you tuen invisible, leaving only your grin.

Audience: *cheering* *clapping*

Madeliene Hatter: Hurrah, wows.

Milton Grimm: *clears throat* Thank you Miss Cheshire for that very useful presentation in uh, ahem, the etiquette of invisibility.

Giles Grimm: And now, give a warm welcome to the Snow King!

Audience: *clapping*

Snow King: No, no applause. There is nothing fun about winter! It is dark and cold and me, and I control it all. Does that chill you to the bone? I could turn all of you into a waddle of penguins with a flick of my wrists.

Audience: *gasps* Is he okay?

Madeliene Hatter: That was unexpected!

Snow King: Hahahahaha!

Madam Baba Yaga: Yep, definitely cursed. Somebody beat me to it.

Snow King: You wretched creature.

Audience: *frightened gasps*

Audience in Snow King Eyes: *Crowd boos, raspberry blows! Jeers!*

Snow King: Such insolence! You people don't even deserve to be penguins! I will put all of you on ice!

Audience: *panic screams*

Crystal Winter: That's enough Dad!

Audience: *screaming*

Crystal Winter: Dad stop, we're trying to help.

Snow King: Betrayed by own slush and blood.

Crystal Winter: Dad, please, you're not seeing things clearly.

Snow King: Oh I am seeing "crystal" clearly. Betrayer.

Crystal Winter: Agh!

Snow King: Daughter you will never sit on my throne. No ice powers forever after! You are disempowered. Hahahaha! *cackles*

Faybelle Thorne: *screams*

Students: *shivering* *confused*

Snow King: *cackles* I expect you home by curfew young lady. *evil laugh*

Jackie Frost: And that, dear brother is what we call the "frost twins, one step closer to ruling winter".

Snow King: Snow King out!

Prince Charming: Man who invited that guy!

Goldie Lockes: The snow storm of the century is one massive Snow King tantrum. I think I just found my big story. Better make some notes.

Crystal Winter: I had chosen to follow my destiny to be the next Snow Queen, but my future just got blown away.



Part one of the movie is available on Netflix only but here is the premiere of the movie.

Epic Winter Exclusive 10 Minute Premiere! Watch on Netflix Aug 5th Ever After High

Epic Winter Exclusive 10 Minute Premiere! Watch on Netflix Aug 5th Ever After High