Evil Step-Librarians
Evil Step Librarians - True Hearts Day Part 1
Cinderella's Stepsisters
Fairy Tale Cinderella
Parent of Ashlynn's Stepsisters

Evil Step-librarians are twin sisters and aunts of Ashlynn Ella. They work in the Ever After High library which is called the Lifairy.


The sisters are very strict and they want the library to be quiet. They are also wicked.


Evil Step-librarian #1 has reddish brown streaked hair that she wears high on her head with whispers of hair hanging around her face. She wears red pointy glasses over her brown eyes and she is very slender. She wears a red, opened neck patterned dress with a high black pleated collar and three quarter length sleeves. She wears a wide lavender and lilac dragon scale design belt with a gold buckle. Her jewellery is a black choker necklace with a drop purple pendant and a skull and crossbone pendant on her large gold beaded necklace. She has long pointed nails.

Evil Step-librarian #2 has brown streaked hair that she wears high on her head and large thick coils of hair either side of her face. Over her brown eyes she wears half rimmed round red glasses and she is very slender. She wears a purple patterned, peplum, high neck top with a black striped skirt and a wide dusky red toned striped belt with a gold buckle over her top. She wears a purple bead bracelet on one wrist, a purple wide beaded bracelet on the other wrist with two gold slave bangles and green ring in the shape of a book worm. Her necklace is gold with large red drop stones. She has long pointed nails.


The Evil Step-librarians are the mothers of Ashlynn's Stepsisters and the aunts of Ashlynn Ella. They are Cinderella's Stepsisters.


What they have been heard saying:

  • Librarian #1 "QUIET IN THE LIBRARY!"
  • Both Librarians: "Ssshhhh"
  • They made Dexter re-catalogue the entire Forbidden Book Section.
  • They tend to do things in unison when they are together.