Faybelle's Choice
Faybelle's Choice - FC
Released 17th July 2015
Chapter Three
Episode 11
Running Time 3:17
Previous Bog Bash
Next The Legacy Orchard

Faybelle's Choice is the eleventh webisode from the chapter 3 webisode selection.


Will this story end happily ever after when Fayebelle admits her wicked scheme and tries to rescue the girls in The Dark Forest?


Biggle Waggle: We'll be at the Forest Fest in no time.

Ashlynn Ella: I thought this trip would be a fun distraction for you, I hope I was right.

C.A. Cupid: You know what? I'm gonna stop worrying about Dexter, I figure whatever happens, happens. Meanwhile, I'm gonna have some fun!

Ashlynn Ella: What was that?

C.A. Cupid: Ah! Not fun! Not fun at all!

Blondie Lockes: M-maybe it's the three bears?

Poppy O'Hair: That doesn't sound like any bears I know.

Poppy O'Hair, Ashlynn Ella, C.A. Cupid, Blondie Lockes: *screams* run!

C.A. Cupid: Look! the Enchanted Forest, *panting* we're almost there!

Faybelle Thorn: Wa-ya-ya-ya-ya!! Hey, you big fat monster guy! It's time for you to say buh-bye!

Baba Yaga: Oh no! No-no-no-no-no-NOOOO!

Raven Queen: Ugh, what happened?

Dexter Charming: I think we tripped on something.

Baba Yaga: My hut!

Apple White: Look, there they are!

Ashlynn Ella: Apple? Raven? Hunter!?

Poppy O'Hair: What are you guys doing here?

Raven Queen: Cerise told Cedar that someone saw you guys in the Dark Forest.

Faybelle Thorn: Uh, that fault. I sent you the wrong way.

Ashlynn Ella: But how could you do such a thing!?

Faybelle Thorn: You cant blame a girl for following her destiny, heh-ha-ha. Spoiling people's fun is kinda my thing. But then I saw how you guys handled everything, how nice you were to that disgusting Biggle Waggle.

Biggle Waggle: Hey! I have feelings you know!

Faybelle Thorn: And if I made you late, well, I guess I'm-I'm-uh...

Blondie Lockes, C.A. Cupid, Poppy O'Hair, Ashlynn Ella: Sorry?

Faybelle Thorn: Yeah, that. I'm 'sorry', you missed your party.

Fairy Queen: But they haven't! I am the fairy queen. You cannot find the Forest Fest, it finds you. And all of you may enter, as my special guests.

Crowd at Forest Fest: *cheering*

Baba Yaga and Students, except Faybelle Thorn: Wow! Woo-hoo!

Ashlynn Ella: Faybelle, come join us!

Faybelle Thorn: All this nice-ness is so gonna trash my reputation! Hahaha! Oh well, I can always be bad again, tomorrow!



Faybelle's Choice Ever After High™03:18

Faybelle's Choice Ever After High™

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