Faybelle Thorn Bio Art

Faybelle Thorn

Faybelle Thorn is a Royal at Ever After High who embraces her villain destiny. She will be the next Evil Fairy who will poison The Sleeping Beauty. She is confident and goal-oriented, her goal being the biggest villain. She is self-centered, rude and wants things to go her way but she does realizes when she has gone too far and isn't above apologies. She is the head of the cheerhexer team at Ever After High and is normally seen in her cheerleading outfit.

Raven Queen

Faybelle hates apple and raven

Faybelle dislikes both Apple and Raven.

Faybelle holds grudge to Raven due her mother stole the role from Faybelle's mother and is determined to outshine Raven in every way. Faybelle looks down on Raven and every villain who doesn't embrace their evil villain side. However, in Dragon Games Faybelle was eager to serve The Evil Queen to learn from 'the greatest evil ever' and was enraged as she understood Raven was the only thing Evil Queen was after. She helped Raven to defeat her mother.

Ginger Breadhouse

Faybelle and Ginger were childhood friends but as their parents became competitive and Faybelle is competitive as well their friendship didn't last. Faybelle still loves Ginger's baked goods but isn't above sabotaging her works in the name of her own advantage.

Apple White

While Faybelle and Apple doesn't meet often she has big dislike of her.

Bunny Blanc

Faybelle is roommates with her, whom in Fairy's Got Talent list Bunny as

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