Profile art - Featherly
Forest Pixie

Featherly is one of the Forest Pixies who live in the Enchanted Forest. Forest Pixies are mystical protectors of the forest creatures, Featherly is the Bird Forest Pixie protecting the birds. She leads the enchanted all-bird choir, which is why all the chirping in the forest sounds so perfect.


Featherly is shy but very interested in new things. She is also friendly and helpful towards those in need. She is more serious than her two pixie friends and very hospitable.


Featherly has pale orange curly hair tied up in a bun on the top of her head, and she has blue-purple eyes.


Details coming soon.


Currently, it is unknown who Featherly's family is.


Currently, it is unknown who Featherly's friends are. It is likely she is friends with Deerla and Harelow.


Currently, it is unknown who Featherly likes, if anyone.


Currently, it is unknown if Featherly has a pet or not.


Featherly is a pixie so she has magical powers, like related to birds. She also can fly.


3/4 wide sleeved short light blue dress with orange and purple flowers and black decoration with zigzag trimming. She has a coral feather and flower belt and red shoes. She also has a bird's nest barrette.


Details coming soon.


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