The Good King is Raven Queen's father and is/was married to The Evil Queen from the story, Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs. The Evil Queen is in Mirror Prison at present. The Good King lives in Queen Castle with Raven and his servants, Cook, her two twin son's Butternut and Pie and Ooglot the Ogre. The castle was split in two as the Good King did not like being in the presence of warriors and goblins, with the Good King taking the smaller portion.


He is polite, kind, compassionate and supportive. He gets anxious when Raven tries to 'help' using her magic, which is Dark Magic.


He has a trimmed beard that is turning grey, he is completely bald on the top of his head, as if to make room for his Golden Crown. He has bright blue eyes and he smiles often.


The Good King has a good relationship with his daughter Raven. As a child, Raven would spend half the week with her father in his smaller part of Queen Castle and she and her father go sailing together. Raven also got a puppy as a gift from him. 


  • The Good King likes to go sailing and fishing.
  • Raven is protective of her father when the Evil Queen makes fun of him, but she does not say anything out loud.


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