Heart Struck
Heart Struck - Cupid
Released October 2, 2015
Chapter 3
Episode 15
Running Time 3:22
Previous Fairest On Ice
Next Bunny + Alistair 4 Ever After

Heart Struck is the fifteenth webisode in the Chapter 3 webisode selection.


Misguided love is in the air after Hunter unwittingly fires off a few of Cupid’s magical star-crossed arrows.


Male narrator: It's the first day of spring in Ever After High. Love is in the air.

Female narrator: And so is pollen.

C. A. Cupid: *Atscii* Oh, I better get my inhaler. *Atcii*

Female narrator: Who'd think that a little hay fever could cause such a big trouble.

Hunter Huntsman: Huh? Cupid must have lost these awesome bow and arrows! I gotta find her! *whistles* Hello, targets! Cupid won't probably mind if I try one shot. Bulls eye! Huh? No way! Third time a charm. Hu?

Male narrator: Little did Hunter know, Cupid's arrows are heart seeking.

Female narrator: Love is a funny thing. You never know when it will struck.

Apple white: Thank you so much for helping out with the yearbook in your free period, guys. Great work! I hope you're as excited as I am.

Students and staff: *kissing and giggling*

Raven Queen: Duck! Wow, this place has gone lovesick! It's like a plague of... lovingness!

C. A. Cupid: *inhale* Uuh! Much better! *gasps*

Ashlynn Ella: I think Hunter has something of yours, Cupid.

Hunter Huntsman: You're welcome?

C. A. Cupid: Hunter!

Apple White: Umm... Couldn't you use your arrows to love potion everyone back to normal?

C. A Cupid: I can't stop love. It's a force of nature. Oh, but oh! I have an idea!

Raven Queen: Listen up! You've all been infected with love fever!

C. A Cupid: Lucky for us there's lots of kind of love. These mood roses should help.

Female narrator: Mood roses are an amazing flower only cherubs like Cupid can grow.

Male narrator: They'll change color according to what kind of love the receptian really and trully feels.

Female narrator: Yellow means friendship, red means romance, pink means meant to be together forever after. 

C. A Cupid: *inhales rose* Atschuu! *inhales medicine* Aah. 



Heart Struck Ever After High

Heart Struck Ever After High

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