• Heritage Hall Appearing
  • Inside Heritage Hall
  • Inside Heritage Hall
  • Raven's Wand
  • Raven's wand replaced with a coin
  • Cerise's Picnic Basket
  • Cedar's Revealer Rays
  • Blondie's Running Shoes

Heritage Hall, is a most unique building and a magical structure that only appears during Thronecoming. A clock tower from the Village near Ever After High strikes at midday and magically, the Hall appears in a clearing in the Enchanted Forest.

Heritage Hall is dedicated to the parents, the alumni (former students), of the present students of Ever After High. These parents were given the chance to leave gifts for any of their children who might attend Ever After High and Heritage Hall is the place where the Thronecoming treasures are held.

Gifts from Parents

Blondie Lockes' Thronecoming treasure was a pair of running shoes and she seemed happy to have received them stating that the bears will never catch her now.

Briar Beauty's response was one of disappointment when she opened her treasure and found the gift from her parents was a super-soft neck supporting pillow.

Cedar Wood received a pair of glasses and wondered why her dad would leave her those. After trying them on she realized that they were revealer rays, glasses that cannot tell a lie, just like Cedar.

Cerise Hood received a picnic basket from her parents with an electronic mirror lock and her response was "Sweet!".

Holly and Poppy O'Hair received yet another hairbrush each and were a little disappointed at first until the brushes magically started to brush their hair. Poppy's response was "Wicked!"

Raven Queen received a magic wand, but on the instruction of Milton Grimm, Ms Trollworth swopped the wand with a coin that had an image on each side instructing the owner to put it in the wishing well.


  • In Thronecoming, Milton Grimm tricked Raven Queen by swopping her gift from Heritage Hall with the intention of getting her to sign the Storybook of Legends.
  • In Heritage Hall, Duchess Swan had her secret, that her dress was not a real Hans Christian Dior, revealed by Cedar's revealer rays.

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