Jack and Jill's Children
Jack and Jill's Children
Children of Jack and Jill

Not much is known about Jack and Jill's Children, but they appear in the webisode, Apple's Princess Practice when what sounds like a boy is calling from a well on a hill. Moments later two children are seen from behind, with bandaged heads and bandaged arms thanks to Apple and the fact that "a Royal is always prepared".


Not much is known at this point of their personalities, except that they are unfortunate like their parents which is useful for their destinies.


Jack and Jill's son has golden hair that appears to be in the style of a fauxhawk with a dark brown, longer middle section. He wears blue trousers and a paler blue jacket over a pale green top. His sister has predominantly golden hair with a streak of brown hair wore long and in a ponytail and a long side fringe that is also brown. She also wears green glasses and is wearing what appears to be a pale green and white top with embellished shoulders, a blue skirt patterned with small paler blue wishing wells and a brown belt.


Jack and Jill's children are the children of Jack and Jill from the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill went up the hill.


  • In the webisode Apple's Princess Practice, both children appear to have been stuck down the well and not tumbled down the hill.