King Lance Charming
Lance Charming
Teacher of Hero Training and Advanced Wooing
Parent of Daring, Dexter, and, Darling Charming

King Lance Charming is a teacher at Ever After High, a reporter with Ever Action News and the father of the Charming sibling.


King Lance Charming is a rather strict father with very high expectations for all his children. As a teacher he is supportive yet stern and slightly bias towards his eldest son Daring. As a reporter Lance reports on school matters or about the students endeavors, he has reported on the Thronecoming Festival, the Spring Fair-est and the closing of The Marsh Pit.


Lance has dark blonde hair and a moustache with light streaks. His eyes are grey-blue.


King Lance Charming is the father of Daring, Dexter and Darling Charming. He dislikes that his daughter Darling would prefer to be a hero rather than a damsel-in-distress, yet he is still proud of how beautiful and ladylike she is and how well she does in school. Dexter doesn't often please his father as he isn't as good at his fathers school subjects, but Lance always reminds Dexter that he has to be only the second best. Lance is very proud of his eldest son Daring, who is spectacular in all the princely school subjects.


He is married to Queen Charming.


He can swoon, or woo any woman.


  • Even though being energy filled and charming in front of cameras, when the cameras go off he starts slouching and looks tired or fed up.
  • In the Ever After High Yearbook he is without a profile picture, stating that his is "to charming for mirrorphotos". Yet he is quite happy to be film for his news broadcasts.


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