WTW Kitty Card

The Vice Principal of Wonderland High tricked us! I have to figure out what class I have to take before I can graduate! I may like Riddlish, but this does not put a smile on my face.

Do this with the truth, and that where you swim.
Formerly both large and small, in the middle's not him.
Don't bring the tea when it's time to trace. Finish this riddle or you won't know your place.

Oh, but I do know my place, and the answer! What do I do with the truth? Why, I stretch it, of course. The place where people swim is a "pool", or to spell it another way and change the meaning, "pull". So clue #1 -I stretch when I don't want to pull something. Clue #2 -"ex" is another way of saying "formerly", large and small are both "sizes", and not him is "her" (which is in the middle of the word). Combine all 3 parts, and you have "exercises". Clue #3 -No "t" in trace is simply "race".

Stretching, exercises and a race are all things I would do in only one class: Grimmnastics. Yawn! I barely broke a sweat.

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