Lilly-Bo Peep
Lilly Bo-Peep Card
Daughter of Little Bo Peep
Side Rebel

Lilly-Bo Peep is the daughter of Little Bo Peep from the nursery rhyme of the same name. She attends Ever After High and has a friend there called Peter, son of The Hero of Haarlem from the story of the same name.


Not much is known about Lilly-Bo at the present.


Lilly-Bo has long, mid-blue hair with a pale blue streak, that she wears in high pigtails. Smaller front pigtails that match the colour of her fringe that is pale pink with a rich dark pink streak. She wears a pale pink and blue lace bonnet with a bright pink ribbon to tie it under her chin. Her eyes are brown.


Lilly-Bo is the daughter of Little Bo Peep. It is unknown who her father is.


We know that she has a friend called Peter who she likes to eat hot dogs with and she is also friends with the son of the Hero of Haarlem.


It is not known if Lilly-Bo is dating anyone.


Lilly-Bo is accompanied by her sheep and it is not known if she has any other pets that she may have got in Legacy Year.



Disclaimer:The info on this page was taken from a source that was thought to be official, but is now thought to be fan based.

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