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Madline Hatter

Madeline Hatter is a cheerful and crazy girl who loves her destiny but believes that it is unfair that others can’t choose their own, she is a Rebel in the conflict. One of the things that Madeline loves about being the next Mad Hattress, is the tea parties.

Apple White

Comprimising students

Apple and Maddie reach an compromise.

As the daughter of Snow White and future ruler of Ever After, Apple is the school's student council president. Raven Queen took a stand against that and wished for someone else to run against Apple, and Madeline hastily volunteers. Though the school's sides were against each others' nominees, the nominees seemed to have no arguments but reached a compromise due to Madeline's idea. Madeline's side of the story is more well-known in the disagreement.

I think we can make that happen, but I have to check with my co-president.
For the cave of the bear is opened so wide, would you really change the pull of the tide?
What she said.
―Apple and Maddie reaching an agreement.

Cedar Wood

Maddie concludes

Maddie concludes Cedar's performance.

Maddie is constantly by Cedar's side. Although Cedar's a Rebel who hasn't planned her future out yet, Madeline does relate to this. Like Cedar to her friends, Madeline is kind also and Madeline also considers Cedar as a best friend. In the books, Madeline, Raven Queen and Cedar Wood usually hang out.

That was Cedar Wood and her little friend, Splinter! Who, oddly enough, can only lie!
―Madeline to the judges.

Cerise Hood

Suspicious Maddie

Maddie's strange personality and suspicions amuse Cerise.

Although Cerise's parents urge her to trust her closest friends with her secret, Cerise appears to be far too scared to reveal herself to those who are still oblivious to her secret, as Madeline only believes that her wolf ears are "fake" and "silly", and she believes that Cerise is devoted enough to bring wolf ears to restore wonder and madness back to Wonderland Grove. Cerise describes how kindly Madeline's treated her.

You brought fake, silly wolf ears to the tea party? Now, that is madness!
―Cerise's wolf ears bring back Wonderland Grove.

Kitty Cheshire

Maddie and Kitty - KCT

Kitty and Maddie

Kitty and Madeline are rarely seen interacting but in Kitty's Curious Tale, Madeline asked Kitty whether she is a Royal or a Rebel as the Narrators wanted to know. The two are roommates and are fellow Wonderlandians. Madeline's dormouse Earl Grey often gets chased by Kitty, which amuses Madeline.

Hey Kitty. *giggles* Can I ask you something? See, the narrators have been watching you and-
―Maddie to Kitty

Lizzie Hearts

Lizzie and Madeline have not directly interacted, however Lizzie, as the misunderstood Royal she is, enjoys the company of her friends who truly understand her for who she really is. According to Lizzie, she enjoys doing most wonderland-related activities with both of them.

Lizzie's really a sweetheart, even though she's always shouting "OFF WITH THIS!" and "OFF WITH THAT!"
―Madeline describing Lizzie.

Raven Queen

Raven giggles

Raven laughing hysterically at another one of Maddie's jokes.

With both Madeline and Raven being misunderstood characters at Ever After High, Madeline and Raven are the best of BFFAs. Whenever Raven's upset, Madeline's always there to cheer her up, and her jokes and goofiness usually make Raven laugh hysterically. Both of them are easygoing and welcoming people. Raven would throw herself in an argument if it involves Madeline getting into trouble, shown in "The Unfairest of Them All".

Don't be a worry-flurry! Let's party!
―Madeline amusing Raven.

Blondie Lockes

Maddie annoyed

Maddie annoyed by Blondie's picky attitude.

Madeline showed no interest in Blondie's need for perfection, however her friends wanted a good review of her tea shoppe and to please Blondie. Madeline listens to them and they make a default version of The Mad Hatter's Wonderland Haberdashery and Tea Shoppe. Blondie soon entered the tea shoppe and wasn't pleased. Of course, Madeline thought that the new design of the tea shoppe would please her, however Blondie appeared to think otherwise, which annoyed Madeline. The tea shoppe soon revealed itself to Blondie, and it gets a good review.
I have to say, Maddie, this is not at all what I hexpected!
―Blondie to Maddie.

Daring Charming

Maddie struck

Maddie admires Daring's flirting.

Madeline and Daring haven't really been interacting besides in "True Hearts Day Part 1" when he greets her and Raven, leaving Raven struck and Madeline charmed by their possible relationship.

―Daring flirting with Raven and Maddie.

Dexter Charming

Maddie the angel

Dexter and Maddie take a walk together.

Dexter and Madeline are seen as friends, however Dexter won't hesitate to side with the Royals, despite Madeline being Raven, his crush's, best friend. Occasionally, Dexter tends to call Madeline "mad". The two are sometimes rivals, depending on the storyline.

Did it hurt?
Did...what hurt?
When you feel from heaven, 'cause Maddie, you are an angel.
You speak riddlish too? Aha!
―Dexter attempts to flirt with Maddie.

Duchess Swan

Although Duchess expressed great dislike of Madeline's behavior and attitude, Duchess gossiped about Madeline towards the Royals and not directly to her. Revealed in "The Storybook of Legends, Duchess expressed great disgust about Madeline's fashion, however Madeline did not respond in any way.

Here comes Madeline Hatter, "madder than a hatter."
How can you say she's mad? She's the happiest person I know!
―Duchess and Ashlynn on Maddie.

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