WTW Maddie Card

Wow! At Wonderland High, even the class schedules are in Riddlish. Totally hat-tastic! But I'd better un-riddle this fast if I'm going to graduate before the Queen's party.

It's always a failure to ever agree. I don't see you, how can you see me? See me before in the middle. Catch a fish with the end of this riddle.

By my teacup, this is a tricky riddle. But any Hatter worth her weight in wonder should be able to figure out the answer. I love agreeing with people, so why would it be a failure to agree? Because you don’t want the other person to be right. When can two people never see each other? Well, they might be invisible. Or maybe it means they don’t see what the other person is talking about. So this is about talking. "See me before in the middle" means that "before" is in the middle of "see" and "me". See before me? Or C before me? C is before D is the alphabet. And you catch a fish with bait. D. Bait. You don’t want the other person to be right is Debate class! Ring the bell! It’s time to graduate!

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