Magical Fashion
Ash Macigfashion templ
Release Date March 2016

Magical Fashion is a Ever After High doll line that features transforming fashion. The line only includes one doll, (Ashlynn Ella), who was released March 2016. No other characters have outfit designs for Magical Fashion shown in the Webisodes and no more dolls have been announced for this line.


The outfit in this line has been shown in webisode A Tale Of Two Parties. In the webisode, Ashlynn Ella and Holly O'Hair attempt a daring costume change in an effort to attend two theme parties on the same night and avoid Faybelle Thorn's wicked curse. The dress was also featured in Epic Winter inside Ashlynn's dream where she ran down the stairs towards her destiny and Hunter Huntsman.

Ashlynn Ella

Line: Magical Fashion.

Released Date: March 2016.

Retail Price: £34.99 ($34.99)

Hair and Make-up: Light brown eye shadow, coral lips, hair pulled back to curled ponytail.

Clothes: Molded, sleeveless coral top with a bit higher neck. Turquoise knee length two-part skirt with pink pattern and red flowers. Pieces are rounded and collapses with each other. Underskirt is shiny, coral fabric and full length.

Accessories: Golden crown, coral heels and turquoise clip top with v-neck and v-shaped opening in the front.


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