The Marsh King
The Marsh King with bucket - Duchess Swan's Lake
Owner of the Marsh Pit
Fairy Tale The Marsh King

The Marsh King is a character in the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale The Marsh King's daughter. He loves grimy and slimy places, and his restaurant, called the Marsh Pit which he opened in the Village of Book End, resembled the same kind of atmosphere. But because of the unsanitary conditions at his restaurant, officials were called in and closed down the restaurant as the Marsh King was illegally dumping his waste into the nearby enchanted lake. It was because of this dumping of waste that Duchess Swan decided to take action, with others help, as she is unable to dance on slime, only water.


The Marsh King lives in the marsh which is to the right of Jack's Great Beanstalk farm. There are two paths in the marsh where the Marsh King lives and this is the challenging choice a traveling girl must make, choose the path to safety or the one that leads to danger. The marsh is a muddy and wet place full of slithering and biting things and the air is dank and muddy, with the ground being sticky as porridge and the water is scummy and green.


The Marsh King is a rude creature and is known to pull the occasional girl down under the mud to make her his wife. He is selfish and as he loves to live in grimy and slimy places, he does not care about polluting the environment.


He is a green amphibian type creature, he is rotund like a frog and has a large mouth like frogs and his feet, hands and skin are frog-like. He has yellow eyes. He wears a dark green short sleeved t-shirt with pale green sleeves and collar and is very grubby looking, grey tight trousers/pants, no shoes, a dark red apron with a pattern and a pale and dark green baseball cap with an opened old tin can resembling a crown.


  • The Marsh King is one of the stories Raven Queen's mother used to read to her as a child.
  • In the webisode Duchess Swan's Lake, the Marsh King was going to capture Pesky with the possible intention of cooking him.