Meeshell Comes Out Of Her Shell
MCOOHS - Meeshell in pool side smiling
Released 9th September 2016
Chapter Four
Episode 7
Running Time 03:17
Previous Beanstalk Bravado
Next There's No Business Like Snow Business

Meeshell Comes Out Of Her Shell is the seventh webisode in the Chapter 4 webisodes selection.


Maddie helps a new friend from feeling like a fish out of water after the mysterious fairytale arrives on the same day as the Ever After High talent show!


Madeline Hatter: *laughs* I'm going to knock everyone's slippers off at the talent show next chapter day!

Ashlynn Ella: Ah-ha...

Briar Beauty: Neat! Hey, here comes that new girl, Meeshell! I heard she's shy. We should invite her to come sit with us.

Ashlynn Ella: Hey, Meeshell! Over here! Hi, Meeshell.

Meeshell Mermaid: It's nice to meet you.

Madeline Hatter: *giggles* Wanna see my tea-riffic new talent show trick?

Ashlynn Ella: *gasps* Woah!

Meeshell Mermaid: I have to go now, hexcuse me.

Ashlynn Ella: Hey, Meeshell. We thought maybe we got off on the wrong slipper, so we brought you this flower for your dorm!

Briar Beauty: It's a snap dragon.

Meeshell Mermaid: Um, I'm good.

Briar Beauty: I've never met someone so shy before.

Madeline Hatter: I'm pretty sure it's my hat. She doesn't like my hat.

Meeshell Mermaid: *singing* La di di, di, di. Di di fa, fa, fa. La da da, da!

Ashlynn Ella: Meeshell is a mermaid!

Meeshell Mermaid: Oh! Hey! Sorry I ran away before. My legs turn back into my fin when I touch water and I... I'm just not very confident around people when I'm on land.

Madeline Hatter: I knew it! How could anyone not like my hat?

Ashlynn Ella: Meeshell! Your voice is so... fairest. You should totally sing in the talent show!

Meeshell Mermaid: In front of everybody? On legs?! I... I can't do it...

Briar Beauty: Everyone at school would flip their crown if they heard you sing.

Meeshell Mermaid: I'm sorry... but I just can't do it if I'm not in the water.

Madeline Hatter: Ooh, ooh, ooh! Ooh, I just got an idea!

Meeshell Mermaid: *singing* ...together, however you go ever in Ever After High. Royal and Rebel, you're more than one together, however you go ever, in Ever After High!

Students: *cheering*

Madeline Hatter: Damsels and gentlemen, prepare to be spellbound! And behold! The biggest cup of tea, ever after!

Student: *coughs*

Madeline Hatter: You know what, this could take awhile. How about an encore from Meeshell while we wait?

Meeshell Mermaid: *singing* 'Cause it's your life...

Students: *cheer*



Meeshell comes out of her Shell Chapter 4 Ever After High03:18

Meeshell comes out of her Shell Chapter 4 Ever After High

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