The Merry Men
Sparrow and The Merry Men - True Hearts Day Part 3
Sparrow and Merry Men
Side Some are Royals and some are Rebels

The Merry Men are a band that are at Ever After High and Sparrow Hood appears to be the leader. The Merry Men are the sons of the Merry Men who are the group of outlaws who followed Robin Hood in English literature and folklore.

It is unknown how many band members there are, but so far only two have been seen in the Webisodes. One of the Merry Men is Tucker, son of Friar Tuck, who appears on the book The Unfairest of Them All.


Tucker is terrified about turning bald like his dad. Because of this he does various hair treatments.


The Merry Men all have a similar look: green and grey studded clothing, wristbands and heavy boots.


They tend to hang out together but are seen with other backgrounders at Ever After High.


Tucker is the son of Friar Tuck. The Green Haired Boy is possibly the son of Little John.


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