Mira Shards
Mira Shards Royal or Rebel Card
The Evil Queen

Mira Shards is The Evil Queen in disguise, she turned herself as a teen in order to go to Ever After High. She appears in a TV Special Dragon Games. It's unknown where she stands in the destiny conflict but it is likely she is a Royal because she is the Evil Queen and the Evil Queen is a Queen who embraced her destiny. She befriends Raven, and tries to influence her to become evil, as Raven now has her full powers which she received in Way Too Wonderland.


Mira is mean and it seems that she does not care about things like friendship. She is excited about dragons and enjoys pulling pranks. She is fan of Raven Queen, whom she tries to manipulate into becoming evil.


Mira has bright red hair streaked with purple and violet-grey eyes.


It is unknown who Mira's family was meant to be.


Mira is forced friends with Apple White so she can show her around and with Raven Queen who she tries to influence to become evil.


It is unknown if Mira has any interests in romance.


Mira does not have a pet but she can ride any dragon.


Mira has the same evil magic as The Evil Queen due to the fact that she is The Evil Queen in disguise. She however doesn't show much of it to not get other suspicious.

Colour Scheme

Mira's colour scheme consists of four colours: Black and white, silver and purple.


  • It is unknown and possible that Mira Shards is really a character in the fairytale world.


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