Dragon Games

Line: Dragon Games.

Released Date: 2015-2016.

Retail Price: $43.99 (19.99$)

Hair and Make-up: She has red and purple hair wore in a high ponytail. She pink and lavender eyeshadow and glitter. Her lips are dark purple. 

Clothes: She has black, short sleeved shining bodice and three layered skirt.The bottom layer is knee high black and silver fabric, second is a bit shorter white satin layer and on top of it on her right side is a rounded piece of black lace. She has black belt which has a wide shards piece that goes from front to back on her left side with dropping pieces of shards. She has black shoes that twirl around her ankles. Her armour consists of silver, high collared chest plate with pointed shoulder armour and black arm armour.   

Accessories: She comes with black and silver headband that raches towards her forehead. She has big, black earrings. 

Extras: Silver brush and a stand, card diary.

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