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Miss Muffet's Frozen Yoghurt Bar is found in the Dark Forest and the staff in the bar is likely to be Little Miss Muffet or her daughter.

It is a concession cart on wheels surrounded by tuffets, a footstool or low seat and benches to sit at. The cart has a pink parasol, a neon logo of a bowl of dessert with a spoon in a golden halo representing it's glory and a large cerise bow atop the parasol with dangling lights around the perimeter of the parasol.

The yoghurt is dispensed from a levered dispenser rather than from containers, and the cups used for the yoghurt have a cobweb and spider design, to associate the character with the nursery rhyme, Little Miss Muffet.

Frozen yogurt is served in a wide variety of flavours and styles and allows customers the option of adding various toppings, ordering their frozen yogurt in cups or in cones.


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