Moonlight Mystery
Moonlight Mystery - found out destiny
Released 7th April 2016
Chapter Four
Episode 1
Running Time 3:13
Previous Epic Winter:Change In The Weather
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Moonlight Mystery is the first Webisode in the Chapter 4 Webisode selection.


Tired of having to tap her toes on the sideline of her favorite class, Justine Dancer and her friends 'til THE END set out to solve the mystery of her disappearing dancing shoes!


Female Narrator: Justine Dancer.

Male Narrator: The youngest of the twelve dancing sisters who all attended Ever After High!

Female Narrator: But who does not yet know her fairytale destiny.

Melody Piper: Ever After to Justine.

Justine Dancer: I'm beat. I went to bed early but... I had the most hexciting dream! I already had my own dance studio and I was dancing in all my favourite styles!

Baba Yaga: Less chit chat more tip tap. Let's practice ladies, shoes on.

Justine Dander: *Gasps* My shoes! Ruined! Who did this?

Other students: Oh no. No, not me. Those were your good shoes!

Baba Yaga: A mystery to be solved AFTER my class, Ms. Dancer. *clapping* First position!

Ashlynn Ella: These are the top of the line from the Glass Slipper. No shoe thief could resist these beauties.

Humphrey Dumpty: When the thief trips the beam, this series of triggers will go off and the video cameras will record the crime. Can't fail.

Ramona Badwolf: Waste of time. You can't rely on tech; press that button, chew that cord, won't work. I bet the shoes will get taken.

Justine Dancer: Since when were you a shoe stealing expert?

Ramona Badwolf: Oh yeah, blame the Badwolf. Ha ha, relax. You and I don't have exactly the same taste.

Ashlynn Ella: The shoes! They're gone!

Blondie Lockes: And so is Ramona!

Ashlynn Ella: Ramona! You bad, bad wolf!

Ramona Badwolf: Shh! Don't wake her up.

Blondie Lockes: Wake who up?

Baba Yaga: What is going on? Justine Dancer?

Justine Dancer: It was me all along? But why- how?

Baba Yaga: Enchantments! Your older sisters went through it too! Congratulations! You're the twelfth dancing princess! You had to find out for yourself but now that you know, you'll begin to control your power! The gift of eternal dance!

Ashlyn Ella, Blondie Lockes and Ramona Badwolf: Wohoo! Yeah! Yay! *cheering*

Justine Dancer: I'm sorry I suspected you, Ramona. Thank you all so much for helping me find my destiny!



Moonlight Mystery Chapter 4 Ever After High03:14

Moonlight Mystery Chapter 4 Ever After High

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