Ms Trollworth
Ms Trollworth - TC
Milton Grimm's Secretary

Ms Trollworth is a staff member at Ever After High. She is Milton Grimm's secretary and is a stickler for rules. Ms Trollworth also helps Milton Grimm with his plan to deceive Raven Queen with Raven's Heritage gift.


Ms Trollworth appears quite stern and can be harsh and awkward. She also tends to be unlucky at times. Her voice is quite deep and rough sounding. She is loyal to the Headmaster and in books it's said that she doesn't allow students to visit the Headmaster without a permission, though in webisodes this isn't the case.


Ms Trollworth has white and grey hair that is tied in a small high ponytail. She wears pink pointy glasses and pink earrings. Ms Trollworth as pointy ears, a green nose and two tusks protruding from her bottom jaw. Her skin is mottled and her fingernails are painted blue. Ms Trollworth wears a dark green patterned dress with a white trim around the neckline, black tights and pink shoes.


Nothing is known as to why she is caled Ms Trollworth.


Ms Trollworth is single as her name suggests and nothing else is known about her family.



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