Nanny Nonna
Nanny Nonna
Parent of Rapunzel

Nanny Nonna is Poppy and Holly O'Hair's grandmother and Rapunzel's mother. Nanny Nonna is the family member who explains to Poppy that she is actually the oldest twin and not Holly, as she was the one who mixed up the twin's birth certificates.


She is a kindly woman but tends to be forgetful and may have difficulty remembering which twin is which, as in the webisode O'Hair's Split Ends, she calls Poppy "Holly" when they are talking on the MirrorNet.


Nanny Nonna has grey streaked hair that she wears in a high bun and her hair is adorned with an embellished tie with a burgundy chiffon bow decorated with cluster of peach roses. She wears pink and lilac glasses over her blue grey eyes and green flower design earrings. Nanny Nonna wears a lilac blouse with a large detailed cream collar, a brooch in the centre of her blouse and a purple cardigan.


Nanny is an American and English version of grandmother and Nonna means grandmother in Italian. It is likely that Nonna is used as there is an Italian fairy tale written by Giambattista Basile in his collection of fairy tales in 1634, called Petrosinella or Parsley, which influenced Grimm's fairy tale Rapunzel.


She has two granddaughters, Poppy and Holly O'Hair.


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