Next Top Villain
Next Top Villain by Suzanne Selfors
Author Suzanne Selfors
Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN 9780316401289
Series A School Story Series
Pages 224
Previous None
Next Kiss and Spell

Next Top Villain (School Story) is the brand-new Ever After High book series and the author is Suzanne Selfors.


Duchess Swan and Lizzie Hearts are roommates at Ever After High. While their personalities are very different, they bond over not quite fitting in with the other Royals. Lizzie, however, has one thing that Duchess doesn't: a happily-ever-after at the end of her story. While Lizzie and the other princesses train for the day when they will rule their kingdoms, Duchess is torn between her role as the perfect, dutiful princess and her rebellious ambition to be a queen. When both girls are selected to attend General Villainy class, Duchess sees an opportunity to be a rebel while following the rules. But can she play a prank on her roomie to ace the class? Find out if Duchess' desire to change her destiny will make her Ever After High's Next Top Villain!

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