Once Upon A Pet
Once Upon A Pet Book Cover
Author Suzanne Selfors
Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN 9780316264815
Series A School Story Series/Little Pet Stories
Pages Unknown

Once Upon A Pet is a collection of the Little Pet Stories that accompanied the School Story Series and is likely to have additional stories similar to the Once Upon A Time collection. The author is Suzanne Selfors.


Pets come in all different shapes and sizes. But enchanted little pets have one thing in common: They are the beloved companions of the students at Ever After High!
Lizzie Hearts loves her hexcellent hedgehog, SHUFFLE. Darling Charming gallops confidently on her horse, SIR GALLOPAD. Dexter Charming hangs out with his well-mannered jackalope, MR. COTTONHORN. Duchess Swan proudly parades her swan, PIROUETTE. Ginger Breadhouse adores her gummy candy fish, JELLY. And hopper Croakington II delights in his fire-breathing dragonfly, DRAKE.
This hexclusive volume collects these spelltacular stories, plus two BRAND-NEW tales. Read all about Apple White and her sweet snow fox, GALA. Then share a spot of tea with Madeline hatter and her dapper dormouse, EARL GREAY.
Be prepared to squeak with joy when you cuddle up with these furry, fairytastic tales of the sweetest pets ever after!

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