Piping Hot Beats
Piping Hot Beats - Melody winking Raven Justine
Released 20th May 2016
Chapter Four
Episode 5
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Piping Hot Beats is the fifth webisode in the Chapter 4 webisode selection.


Melody Piper may be in a turntable of trouble if she can't control her music and stop a spell that has caused the entire school to dance uncontrollably!


Hunter Huntsman: Okay, everyone... Mr. Pied Piper, sir. So, I composed this enchanting song to make Pesky here sort these walnuts. Cut it out!

Pesky: *chitters*

Pied Piper: A spelltacular first try at melodic manipulation. Who's next? How about you, Melody?

Melody Piper: Sure thing, Dad. My song is going to guide little mouse-tro here to the cheese at the end of this maze. And now, to mix things up a bit.

Pied Piper: Turntables? You won't be able to control it.

Melody Piper: Dad! I can do this! Curses! I really thought that would work. Huh?

Sparrow Hood: I can't stop daaancin'!

Briar Beauty: What the hex?

Rosabella Beauty: Melody's magic is making us dance!

Milton Grimm: What is the meaning of this? Woah, woah!

Humphrey Dumpty: Wh-what's happening?

Rosabella Beauty: I can't stop dancing!

Melody Piper: This whole school can't stop dancing and it's all my fault!

Sparrow Hood: Hooow can we stop?

Pied Piper: You have to get everyone dancing in sync!

Melody Piper: Hm... Hey, Raven! I think these beats could use a little pick me up.

Raven Queen: Yay!

Melody Piper: Hex, yeah! Now listen up and let DJ Piper move you. That's it, now follow me. Hang on to those crowns, 'cuz DJ Piper is about to work some magic.

Badwolf: *howls*

Melody Piper: Here's a little somethin' for you Rebels out there.

Students: *cheer*

Rosabella Beatuy: Melody! You did it! We're in sync. The spell is broken!

Madeline Hatter: That was hat-tastic!

Sparrow Hood: Play it again, DJ Piper!

Backgrounder/Girl in Grey: Make us move, Melody!

Pied Piper: *laughs* Well played, Melody! A-plus!



Piping Hot Beats Chapter 4 Ever After High03:10

Piping Hot Beats Chapter 4 Ever After High

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