Pirouette Book Art
Owner Duchess Swan
Species Trumpeter Swan

Pirouette is Duchess Swan's pet swan. She is the only bird at Ever After High who knows enough ballet moves to dance a pas de deux, where two dancers perform ballet steps together. She has learned over the years by watching and joining in with Duchess’s ballet practices. Pirouette's favorite move is the arabesque, which requires her to balance on one leg with her wings outstretched.


Pirouette is proud yet kind-hearted and caring, she likes to eat grubs and considers them tasty treats. Napping is one of her favourite activities and she is generally not interested in gossip. She gets stage fright and when she is nervous a few feathers fall out.


Details coming soon


A pirouette (literally "whirl") is a type of dance turn on one foot often done in ballet. The name links Pirouette with her owner, Duchess Swan, whose story is that of ballet called Swan Lake.


As Duchess rooms with Lizzie Hearts, Pirouette rooms with Shuffle, Lizzie's pet hedgehog.


  • Pirouette cannot talk, when she try's to it just comes out as a "Honk".
  • Shuffle and Pirouette did not get on, until Pirouette helped Shuffle get better after Shuffle over ate.
  • There were three things that makes Pirouette throw a hissy fit - polluted water, bird hunters, and being called a duck.
  • She and Duchess have danced to Tchaikovsky Swan Lake many times.
  • Duchess thinks Pirouette is beautiful.
  • There is a small e book about Pirouette called Duchess Swan and the Next Top Bird, (A Little Pirouette Story).
  • Pirouette sleeps in a nest next to Duchess' bed.


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