DG ETF - three pixies

Pixies are short, magical creatures in Ever After. They appear in Dragon Games and Epic Winter.


Pixies are protectors of their own dominion and they possess strong magical abilities which help them carry out their duties. Pixies resemble young girls who are short in stature and resemble an animal native to the habitat they protect. Pixies specialize in tending to the animals they resemble and their powers are sometimes connected to these creatures.For example, Featherly can fly and runs the bird choir and Harelow owns a magic garden.

Pixies cannot speak english but they can understand it. Their voices resemble woodland sounds like bird chirps. Pixies can communicate with the creatures of the forest, heal wounds and enhance other creatures' magical powers.

Types of Pixies

  • Woodland pixies protect the Enchanted Forest and the creatures who dwell there. They have the power to heal.
  • Snow pixies resemble creatures from cold climates like polar bears and snow foxes. Unlike forest pixies, they have a more mundane job as Crystal Winter's handmaidens.


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