Poppy O'Hair Dragon Games Card

Rules of Dragon Games

  1. Field of play must be 200 dragons long, with 2 hoops at either end
  2. Two teams play, each made up of 3 dragon riders
    1. 1 winger to score points
    2. 1 blocker to protect their team's hoop
    3. 1 swooper to help both offense and defense
  3. The ball must be dragonproof
  4. Points are scored when the ball goes through the other team's hoop
  5. Bonus: Collect floating magic gems for bonus points
  6. Use of poison apples will result in a penalty!!!
  7. All players must wear the required uniform—fableous dragon armor!

Note from Poppy:

With all the talent on both Dragon Games teams, the final score is going to be a close shave. Good thing I get to ride Brushfire! We've been practicing acrobatic flying, and she can buzz around that field like a true champion dragon. She's got razor sharp reflexes, too, so we're ready in case the other team tries to pull a trick play. Mostly though, Brushfire is sweet and warm-hearted. Who knew a dragon could be so cuddly?