• Raven Queen Lives at Queen Castle
  • A Mirror Portal
  • The Evil Queen as a student at Ever After High

Queen Castle is Raven Queen's family home and her bedroom is on the fourth storey. Queen castle is chilly with lots of unoccupied rooms and Raven lives there with her father, the Good King, and their servants, Cook, Cook's four year old twin boys called Buttternut and Pie who Raven calls 'little Cooklings' and Ooglot the Ogre. There were a lot more servants, soldiers, creatures and visitors when Raven's mother had ruled, including Yop the Goblin, but Raven prefers the Castle mostly empty.

The Queen's Wing is in the Other Side of the Castle, where colours are dark with scarlet and black carpets, drapes, monstrous statues and portraits of Raven's mother, The Evil Queen. Two guards in shiny armour stand outside her mother's old bedroom with spiky spears and magic staffs and they remind Raven before she enters her mother's bedroom, "Never touch the Mirror". Inside the bedroom is a magic mirror portal which Raven can use to speak to her mother who is in mirror prison.

Known Rooms at Queen Castle

  • Great Hall
  • Raven's Bedroom
  • Queen's Bedroom in the Queen's Wing
  • Dining Room
  • Dungeon Workshop
  • Kitchen

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