Queen Of Hearts
The Queen of Hearts - SU
Queen of Wonderland
Fairy Tale Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Parent of Lizzie Hearts

Queen Of Hearts is the mother of Lizzie Hearts and together with the White Queen is one of the two queens of Wonderland. She appears in Thronecoming when Blondie Lockes accidently lands in Madeline Hatter's story. She also appears in Way Too Wonderland, and in Spring Unsprung as well at the beginning of the movie.


Queen Of Hearts is very loud and conceited, but she's also a loving mother who tries to do everything to ensure her daughter has a great childhood. She wants Lizzie to rule her way and even gave her a daily deck of instructions for the whole school year. She loves croquet and to play games. Just like Lizzie, she loves to shout, 'Off with your head!".


She has long red hair that she wears in two large buns on the top of her head with her crown in-between. In the books and doll diaries she is said to have a red heart-shaped birth mark on her eye, yet in the movies she has a small, heart shaped beauty spot and her eyebrows are lines of red hearts.


Settings are places where fairytale characters live and their stories are based. The queen of Hearts setting is her palace Card Castle in Wonderland. Wonderland is the magical and madness-filled location which the life of Ever After rely on. It is home to all Wonderlanians.


She is the mother of Lizzie Hearts.


Nothing is known at this point about her friends.


Nothing is known at this point about her romance.


  • The Queen of Hearts referred to Lizzie as Her Royal Highness Princess Lizzie in the book

Lizzie Hearts and the Hedgehog’s Hexcellent Adventure, (A Little Shuffle Story), by Suzanne Selfors.

  • Outside the queen's castle in Wonderland there are heart shaped hedgerows.
  • The Queen of Hearts has a terrible aim in croquet and fortunately for the hedgehogs who are the croquet balls, she is always missing!
  • In the books, Lizzie's mother has a heart-shaped birthmark on her eye and in order to be more like her mother Lizzie paints a red heart over her own eye.