Raven Queen, The Evil Queen
Raven Queen, the Evil Queen Card
Daughter of the Evil Queen
Side Royal

Raven Queen, The Evil Queen herself. Raven Queen was trying to escape her destiny of becoming the next Evil Queen by not signing the Storybook of Legends, as she did not want to follow in The Evil Queen's - her mother - evil footsteps, but Raven wondered if she was told the whole truth about her mother and her mother's evil plans to reshape the fairytale world.

So Raven considered what it would be like if she did choose to accept her destiny and thought that she may find the answers she was looking for about why her mother tried to take over all the fairy tales. Plus, she may find some wicked powerful magic too!


Not much is known about Raven Queen, The Evil Queen's personality but as she has chosen to accept her destiny it can be assumed that she has evil tendencies and a similar personality as her mother, that being, vain, mean, cruel and a power-mad sorceress.

In Dragon Games Raven accepted her faith as the next Evil Queen to save her friends. She tended to please her mother but not care about her role much. She however did get powerful enough that she could break her mother's spell.


Raven Queen, The Evil Queen wears a head piece with a raven skull, she has a black and purple feather collar framing her face, a long mermaid-style dress with a sheer glittery bottom and long sleeves with black feather print. She has long eyelashes, emerald green eye-makeup with glitter and two side braids in her hair streaked with black and purple glitter.


She is the daughter of The Evil Queen and The Good King.


It is assumed that Raven Queen, The Evil Queen still has the same friends but that is likely to change as her evilness would alienate those around her.


It is unknown whether Raven Queen, The Evil Queen is still be dating Dexter Charming.


It is assumed that Raven Queen, The Evil Queen still has Nevermore as a pet.


It is assumed that Raven Queen, The Evil Queen has much the same powers as before but no doubt has become a higher level sorceress like her mother.

Colour Scheme

Raven Queen, The Evil Queen's colour scheme consists of: black, silver and shades of purple and dragon scale green.


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