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Raven Queen

Despite being destined to be the next epitome of evil, Raven Queen is nothing but a kind, friendly and down-to-earth girl who wants to stay true to herself. It is because of this that she fights to change her destiny and started the Rebel movement at Ever After High. Even so, Raven is a considerate person, She is a music lover and has a beautiful singing voice.

Apple White

Apple encourages Raven

Apple encourages Raven to follow her destiny.

Apple's personality initially came out to Raven as the confident and needy princess who was determined for a quick and safe Happily Ever After, which Raven soon disapproved of after she knew her fate. Although Raven believes that changing her destiny would inspire others as well, Apple follows Headmaster Grimm's orders to prevent Raven's idea from spreading, or it would damage the stories of upcoming characters for the next generation. Apple and Raven are meant to be nemeses in the future, but Raven and Apple see themselves as frenemies. They still share the different view of looking things; Apple wants things to look good and representative and stories to go as they are planned while Raven rather shows things from funnier and on her opinion 'more interesting' point of view and wants everyone to be free to write their own stories. but though in "Way Too Wonderland", Apple admits that Raven's heart is too good for Evil, so she should be free to write her own destiny, meaning that they've worked things out and becoming real friends. 

I mean, how would you feel if I signed up for your favorite class: Home Evil-nomics!
―Apple getting Raven back.

Cedar Wood

Raven and Cedar

Raven supports Cedar's idea.

Like the other students, Cedar isn't capable to be entrusted with a secret, however Raven is a supportive student towards Cedar, as seen in "The Beautiful Truth" when Raven supports her idea of being awesome, empowered girls.

It's not silly, Cedar! I say go for it.
―Raven to Cedar.

Cerise Hood

Raven reassuring Cerise

Raven reassuring Cerise.

Raven was the first of Cerise's few friends to accept her for who she is, the daughter of the Big Bad Wolf. Raven supports and protect Cerise. However, Raven exposes Cerise's ears in public in "Maddie's Hat-Tastic Party" in order to bring wonder back to Wonderland Grove.

Your mom, Red Riding Hood, married the Big Bad Wolf? Don't worry. I won't say a word!
―Raven reassuring Cerise.

Daring Charming

Daring flirting

Daring strikes a bold pose at Raven and Maddie.

Although Daring has an overshadowed ego on his brother Dexter Charming, Raven initially thought that he wrote her a love poem, signing it below with "D. Charming", upsetting Dexter, the Charming who truly likes Raven. Raven had a one-time only (and non-mutual) interest in Daring.

Daring? I had no idea he felt this way.
―Raven assuming Daring wrote her a love poem.

Dexter Charming

Sun set - Catching Raven

Raven and Dexter alone.

At first, Dexter was extremely shy to admit his feelings towards Raven by several gestures of romance, however they somehow backfire. Raven admits to Dexter that she thinks he is clever and brave and she considers them both friends. However, she soon noticed that Dexter had feelings for her in "True Hearts Day Part 3" and she returned the feelings. Due to a misunderstanding, Raven believed Dexter was already with Cupid. In Chosen With Care, Dexter asks Raven on a date.

I kind of... no, I do, I do have a crush on this girl named Raven.
―Dexter admitting his crush on Raven, shattering Cupid's heart.

Madeline Hatter

Raven & Maddie talk - TWOEAH

Raven explains her ambitions to her BFFA.

Madeline is a supportive person towards Raven and vice-versa. Raven doesn't quite get Madeline's madness but is supportive and understanding towards it loving it as a trait in her friend. The two are both widely misunderstood students. Raven is also seen with Madeline having tea parties and laughing hysterically at her jokes all the time. Their friendship is simple, fun, and easygoing.

Would you stop with the worry flurry? Everybody at school loves you!
―Madeline to Raven.

Ashlynn Ella

Raven approves

Raven approves of Hunter and Ashlynn dating but gets interrupted by Apple.

Raven and Ashlynn share a minor acquaintance. Raven enjoys the idea of Ashlynn and Hunter rewriting their destinies, thus approving of their relationship when interviewed by Blondie in True Hearts Day Part 2.

I think it's hexcellent. Ashlynn and Hunter decide to rewrite their destinies. What's wrong with that?
―Raven approving of Hunter and Ashlynn.

Briar Beauty

Raven and Briar

Raven with Briar.

Briar and Raven are minor acquaintances, despite both their BFFAs having to team up. The two got along well in "True Hearts Day Part 3".

Wow, Briar. You really know how to throw the most hexcellent parties.
―Raven to Briar

Kitty Cheshire

Raven annoyed

Raven eyes Kitty.

Kitty and Raven appear to be rivals. Although Raven's BFFA Madeline originated from Wonderland as well, Kitty and Lizzie appear to be treating Raven differently. Kitty even tried to get Raven's friend, Cerise, into trouble by exposing her secret to Ever After High, but soon failed by Raven's quick save. Raven ended the conflict with a speed spell on Kitty's shoes and Kitty soon learned her lesson.

Don't worry, Kitty! It'll wear off...Eventually.
―Raven casting a spell on Kitty.

Lizzie Hearts

Typical lizzie

Lizzie suggests on decapitating Raven.

As rivals, Lizzie and Raven are seen interacting with each other in "Stark Raven Mad", and her desire to decapitate Raven makes Raven annoyed, along with all the other people involved in the intervention. In the diaries and books however, Lizzie is seen helping Raven with her Thronecoming dress, implying that the two might now be acquaintances.

Off with her head!
―Lizzie's signature quote on Raven.

Blondie Lockes

Just sweet-BlondieRaven

Raven turned Blondie's outfit Just Right.

Blondie and Raven are neutral. Although Blondie booed at Raven on Legacy Day, in Just Sweet Raven trusts her nervousness of the becoming date to Blondie and asks her help to get ready for it.

―Raven in Just Sweet

Ginger Breadhouse

S3E1 - Raven comforts ginger

Raven comforts Ginger.

Raven has been a bit protective about Ginger from the start as she knows evil can change and doesn't have to be evil. She is supportive towards Ginger and helps her out of her shell.

I can't believe they think you're going to follow your story!
―Raven to Ginger.

Ashlynn's Stepsisters

In Ashlynn's Fashion's frolic, Raven was laughing at the evil stepsisters in the audience, when they tripped in the food.

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