SDCC RavenQueen card
My Dearest Raven,
If you are reading this, then you have finally embraced your powers. For years, the spell of this mirror prison prevented me from speaking the truth. However, now you will be able to truly understand my side.

Back when I was at Ever After High, everyone followed the whole "Follow your Destiny" nonsense. What's the line they always say? "There are no short stories or tall tales." But when you're a villain, people hate and fear you. So I stole the Storybook of Legends -the artifact that magically bound us to our destinies- and replaced it with a magical replica that had none of its true power. I wasn't going to just accept that I must live out the rest of my days alone and reviled.

But then something unexpected happened. I fell in love with Good King, and eventually you, my baby girl, came into my life. When I looked into your eyes, it was like my heart was looking back at me. I didn't need a magic mirror to tell me you were the fairest. However, not everyone saw you like that. People ran in fear, scared of who you would become. I would not stand idly by while my beautiful daughter was destined to be subject of their ignorance. So I vowed to do something about it. I was going to reshape the fairytale world in my image... in our image. They would have no choice but to love me us.

That's why I always pushed you to be evil. And we are only a few steps away. Continue down the path, trust your dark instincts and let's rule this world as mother and daughter. Know that I love you with all the malice in my heart,

Your Mother,
The Evil Queen