Raven Queen Thronecoming Card

Shopping for the perfect Thronecoming outfit isn't easy. None of the boutiques at the village of Book End had anything that appealed to my inner Rebel. To me, nothing says "Thronecoming Queen" like a spellbinding collar. So for the first time ever, I designed my own fashion accessory piece, with a little help from Ashlynn and Lizzie. My custom-made dragon scale queen collar is encrusted with magic jewels to give it extra shimmer when I'm on the dance floor.

Not letting my magic get out of control was a big concern. Then just the other day, Dexter gave me the most hexcellent gift ever after - a counter-curse dahlia flower corsage he made in Science & Sorcery class. He told me, "Wear this for the Thronecoming Dance, and you won't have to worry about casting dark magic. Any spells will be absorbed by the flower." I can always count on Dexter to come to the rescue! He's such an amazing friend forever after!

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