Red Queen
The Red Queen - WTW
Fairy Tale Alice Through The Looking Glass
Parent of Chase Redford

The Red Queen is a chess piece for the Wonderland high chessboard.


The Red Queen appears to be quite bossy.


The Red Queen has streaked red, dark-grey and light-grey hair tide back in a bun. On her head she has a large maroon crown with black and white details. Her eyes are grey.


Settings are places where fairytale characters live and their stories are based. The Red Queen's setting is an unusual place called Wonderland. Wonderland is the magical and madness-filled location which the life of Ever After rely on. Wonderland has a large selection of strange buildings and plants in it's many locations. It is home to all Wonderlanians.


She is the adoptive mother of Chase Redford, also known as the Red Knight.

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