Save Me, Darling!
Save me Darling - Ashlynn and Darling
Released November 27th 2015
Chapter Three
Episode 18
Running Time 3:21
Previous Croquet-Tastrophe
Next Rosabella and The Beasts

Save Me, Darling! is the eighteenth episode on Chapter Three Webisodes.


Darling Charming uncovers her heroic side after a wild dragon sets his sights on her friends forever after.


Male Narrator: Damsel in Distress class is in session.

Maid Marian: Now damsels, when you get rescued by your prince, you want to look you best.

Raven Queen: Oh gag. Like I'm gonna be worried about my hair if I'm about to become dragon chow.

Apple White: Well, if-

Maid Marian: That roar might have been dragons breathing down your necks if your not paying better attention.

Apple White: So looking demure and harmless is our first line of defense...?

Darling charming: Rule 23: a damsel retains the element of surprise at all times.

Maid Marian: Oh very good, Darling! A+ as usual. Our guest hero today will be Darling's big brother; Daring Charming!

Ashlynn, Blondie, and Cedar: Daring Charming! So charming!

Raven Queen: Yay. Daring.

Maid Marian: Darling, be a dear and go fetch your brother.

Darling Charming: Why, certainly.

Female Narrator: What is she doing? She's supposed to find the hero of this story.

Male Narrator: It may be, that she just did.

Raven Queen: Oh, save me. Or...whatever. Really? Is this going to be on the midterm? *gasp* The dragon of Withering Heights is coming to get us all! There's a level five dragon alert! *gasp*

Apple White: *gasp*

Maid Marian and students: *screams*

Maid Marian: Our hero has arrived!

Dragon: *growls*

Raven Queen: Daring?!

Dragon: *whimpers*

Maid Marian: Oh, my. How charming! You certainly live up to your name, Daring.

Daring Charming: Hey! Watch the hair! Ha ha, what did I do this time? Hey, Darling. This seems to be happening more and more and I don't know why. Be glad your a damsel, little sis. See what us heroes have to put up with?

Darling Charming: *chuckles* You poor thing.

Female Narrator: Class dismissed.



Save Me Darling Ever After High03:22

Save Me Darling Ever After High

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