Sir Gallopad
Sir Gallopad Book Art
Owner Darling Charming
Species Horse

Sir Gallopad is Darling Charming's horse.


Sir Gallopad is a bit shy but all he ever has wanted from life was a warm place to sleep, loving owner and belly full of food. From time to time he loves to gallop and he is very fast.


Sir Gallopad is a shiny, white horse with silky hair. He however can camouflage himself to the background he is in.


In other book it is hinted that Sir Gallopad was chosen for Darling because he was slow and steady steed but in secret he loves to Gallop and has gotten his name from there. In A Little Sir Gallopad Story Darling Charming knighted the horse as 'Sir Gallopad' as such a princess's horse should have a knightly name.


Darling Charming and in his past life a puppeteer for who he pulled his cart.


Sir Gallopad has the ability to camouflage himself by changing colours.



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