Sleeping Beauty's Castle is the home of Briar Beauty, her mother Sleeping Beauty and her father. It appears in Epic Winter and holds the Rose of Spring. The castle is located in sea, and a long bridge leads to the castle main doors. In its current state rose vines has token over the entire castle.

Entrance Hall

The entrance hall is white and has staircase to upper parts of castle. The middle of the hall goes empty all the way up almost or to the roof. It is decorated by statues.

Other floors

Other floors are reached by curved staircases, but at the castles current state roses has blocked the entrance to the stairs. With huge vines it was possible to sling to the upper floors which has a wooden railing going over the empty area and a wooden floor.

The High Tower

Located on the highest point of the castle is the tower which holds the spinning wheel of Sleeping Beautys destiny. The tower room is wooden and simple, only having few crates by the walls and there is a opening at the roof which shines light to the spinning wheel. The High Tower is forbidden area for Briar Beauty.

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