The Snow King
Snow King profile
Fairy Tale The Snow Queen
Parent of Crystal Winter

The Snow King from the movie Epic Winter, which takes influences from the fairy tale The Snow Queen, is Crystal Winter's father and lives in an ice castle at the top of the world which he rules.


The Snow King is kind and loving father and husband. He loves fun and ice hockey but is very responsible when it comes to his job as a King.

Under the Kindness Blindness curse he is self centered, mean, cruel and angry.


He has blonde and grey hair, beard and moustache and blue eyes. He is tall and strong built man.


Settings are places where fairytale characters live and there stories are based. The Snow King's setting is his and his wife's Ice Castle at The Top Of The World. The Ice Castle is located above the clouds, behind a big, ice gate in the middle of large snow fields. There are amazing views of the starry sky and northern lights.


It seems that The Snow King is in good terms with his subjects.


He is the husband of The Snow Queen and father of Crystal Winter.


He has a scepter which holds powerful winter magic. He also himself possesses winter magic.


According to the Epic Winter Junior Novel, he can transform his scepter into a telescope.