Spring Unsprung:Save The Wonder
Girls and the Fair - SU
Released 3rd March 2015
Chapter Spring Unsprung
Episode 10
Running Time 01:02
Previous Spring Unsprung:Something’s Wicked at Ever After High
Next Previously On Ever After High... Way Too Wonderland

Spring Unsprung:Save The Wonder is the tenth webisode and the seventh clip from the Spring Unsprung webisode selection.


Can Raven, Cerise, Briar and Holly save the wonder of Ever After?


Briar Beauty, Cerise Hood, Raven Queen, Holly O'Hair: *pants*

Cerise Hood: Raven, over there!

Raven Queen: Apple!

Apple White: You again? Ugh. Raven, I really don't see why you're so upset. You never wanted to follow your destiny anyway!

Raven Queen: I don't know what's wrong with you, but I do know that Apple White, the awesome Apple White that I know and love, would never, ever want anything to happen to the school she loves.

Apple White: *sarcastic yawns*

Holly O'Hair: Apple, you have the best story Ever After!

Briar Beauty: You're all about protecting this world, not...this.

Cerise Hood: Please, Apple?

Melody Piper: Woah.

Dexter Charming: Well all I have...oh.

Students: *moans* Oh.

Raven Queen: Apple, you can end this. Just give us the map!

Apple White: Uh...*meanly* nah.



Spring Unsprung Save the Wonder Ever After High™01:02

Spring Unsprung Save the Wonder Ever After High™

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