Spring Unsprung:Something’s Wicked at Ever After High
Daring being a Scady Cat- Su
Released 27th February 2015
Chapter Spring Unsprung
Episode 9
Running Time 01:46
Previous Spring Unsprung:Going Topsy Turvy
Next Spring Unsprung:Save The Wonder

Spring Unsprung:Something’s Wicked at Ever After High? is the ninth webisode and the sixth clip from the Spring Unsprung webisode selection.


What's making the students of Ever After High act upside-down?


Students: *screams*

Poppy O'Hair: Wait! I'm not done. Care for a trim Briar?

Humphrey Dumpty: Woah! Huh! Ah!

Cerise Hood: Humphrey Dumpty! Er! Isn't that kinda, dangerous, with - you know - your story?

Humphrey Dumpty: Check it out! I've got a jet-pack. I'm unbreakable! Oh - oh - oh -oh!

Cerise Hood: Hey, Cedar. Is that one of the tower tea-cakes Holly made?

Cedar Wood: I'm not - eating anything.

Cerise Hood: Yes, you are! You're chewing right now- *gasps*. You just told a lie!

Cedar Wood: *gulps*. No I didn't!

C.A. Cupid: Daring! Oh, I'm so glad we found you.

Daring Charming: Oh!

C.A. Cupid: There's a totally vicious dragon attacking people at Book End! You have to slay it!

Daring Charming: Oh my Crown! Thanks for the warning! If anybody needs me I'll be in here until it's safe. Oh!

Raven Queen: Okay, that's it!

Apple White: Oh, goodie, it's Raven Mean and Holly O'Square. Hmph!

Raven Queen and Holly O'Hair: *gasps*

Raven Queen: You did cheat, didn't you? At the Showdown!

Apple White: Maybe I did. So what? Like anyone is gonna believe you two over me?

Raven Queen: This isn't you, Apple!

Apple White: I've just got the most wicked idea.

Daring Charming: Ohhhh! Wait for me!

Raven Queen: She's right. No one is gonna believe us.

Cerise Hood: I will.

Raven Queen and Holly O'Hair: Cerise!

Cerise Hood: I heard every word. And they're not the only ones acting strange. Something's making everyone act totally upside down.

Holly O'Hair: Well, we better find out why, and fast!



Spring Unsprung Something’s Wicked at Ever After High Ever After High™01:46

Spring Unsprung Something’s Wicked at Ever After High Ever After High™

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