Spring Unsprung:Spellbinding Spring Fashions
Lizzie - SU
Released 3rd February 2015
Chapter Spring Unsprung
Episode 5
Running Time 01:01
Previous Spring Unsprung:The Purrrfect Prank
Next Spring Unsprung:Where’s the Well of Wonder?

Spring Unsprung:Spellbinding Spring Fashions is the fifth webisode and the second clip from the Spring Unsprung webisode selection.


Lizzie Hearts debuts the Wonderlandiful outfits she made for her friends forever after for the Spring Fairest and Blondie gives her approval.


Female Narrator: Meanwhile, back in Ever After.

Brooke Page: See, I knew it! This is when Lizzie sewed the Spring Fairest dresses. Oh, so Pretty!

Briar Beauty, Holly O'Hair, Cerise Hood, Cedar Wood: *laughing*

Blondie Lockes: It looks like some students went all out for this year's Spring Fairest.

Crowd: *cheering*

Holly O'Hair: *gasps* Look! We're on the jumbo mirror.

Crowd: *cheering*

Blondie Lockes: You are all just spellbinding! Ah, Lizzie, can you tell us what inspired this Spring fashion fling?

Lizzie Hearts: Since we don't have Spring Fairest in Wonderland, I embraced this lovely holiday through my fashion designs.

Cedar Wood: And these look amazing! No lie.

Cerise Hood: I don't normally change my look, but this is big, bad and bold.

Blondie Lockes: And take it from this reporter, the fairest five, make this fair just right!

Crowd: *cheering*



Spring Unsprung Spellbinding Spring Fashions Ever After High™01:02

Spring Unsprung Spellbinding Spring Fashions Ever After High™

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