Spring Unsprung:The Purrrfect Prank
Kitty - SUTPP
Released 3rd February 2015
Chapter Spring Unsprung
Episode 4
Running Time 01:07
Previous Spring Unsprung
Next Spring Unsprung:Spellbinding Spring Fashions

The Spring Unsprung:The Purrrfect Prank is the fourth webisode and the first clip from the Spring Unsprung webisode selection.


Kitty Cheshire tries to make her mother proud with a mischievous prank at Spring Fair-est, but Cheshire Cat requires something more.


Crowd: *laughing and cheering* Yeah! Woo! Yay! Whoo!

Kitty Cheshire: *giggles*

Duchess Swan: *grunts* What did you do that for?!

Kitty Cheshire: Duh! Daughter of the Cheshire Cat!

Duchess Swan: Huh!

Kitty Cheshire: *giggles* Mom would love this. *gasps* I gotta brag.

Kitty's Mirror Phone Call: Miaow

Kitty Cheshire: Hi, Mom. Did I wake you up?

Cheshire Cat: *yawns* It was just a catnap Kitty! My darling, how are things? Any good pranks to share with mommy?

Kitty Cheshire: Yes! I learned from the best! I threw icecream, in Duchess' face.

Cheshire Cat: Slapstick! Really? Preschool pranks! Call me back when you've done something-mmm-outlandish, something that turns the worlds topsy-turvy, something wonderlanderful.

Kitty Cheshire: But mum, I-I-

Cheshire Cat: Yeees?

Kitty Cheshire: I'll do better.

Cheshire Cat: You're a Cheshire, of course you will. Byye!



Spring Unsprung The Purrrfect Prank Ever After High™01:07

Spring Unsprung The Purrrfect Prank Ever After High™

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